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6 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Test 4

one Christian, whether real or professing, would
give an inch on the idea that such majorities
render the belief of the minority incorrect!
Suppose you believe in the good
properties of all poison?
You’ve probably never met such a
person, but, in this world of addleheaded,
mixed-up, freakish, weird, distorted, twisted,
frustrated, defeated, confused, “beat” and
hopelessly lost individuals -- there could
conceivably be such a person.
And suppose you believe it so
thoroughly you’ve convinced millions of it?
Would all poison then cease to be poison,
simply because you began to believe it
“Christians” do not make Christianity.
Christianity makes a Christian! And
“Christians” did not invent the Christian truths,
beliefs, practices, and way of life! Christians are
only true Christians when and if they obey what
Painted eggs are a common sight on Easter Sunday,
the Messiah commands!
but are in reality ancient symbols of fertility and life!
Is it possible for really “good Christians”
(See The Two Babylons, by Alexander Hislop, pp.
to change pagan practices into Christian ones?
Would you admit that the Apostle Paul
was one of the greatest Christian men who ever
quarrel, fight, divorce, beat their children, go to
war, hate, kill, rob, steal, commit adultery, cheat,
But Paul didn’t have the power to change
lie, and often commit suicide render all these
even one tiny point of what the Messiah has
things lawful?
Does each “Christian” Seaside Easter sunrise service -- an abomination in YEHOVAH
become, then, a perfect law unto God’s sight!
himself -- and, like Midas, render
whatsoever he touches perfectly
golden in character?
Do “Christians” who free-
ly admit their DISBELIEF in the
Bible, their contempt for the Ten
Commandments, their utter hope-
lessness toward a resurrection,
and their acceptance of evolution,
alter, change, or substantiate all of
these things by their opinions?
Millions more believe in
Islam than in Christianity. But not
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