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Test 4 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 11

23. The tradition of “corban” refers to -- A. By obeying YEHOVAH God.
B. By closely observing what Yeshua the
A. dedicating oneself to serving YEHOVAH Messiah told them.
God. C. By keeping their own traditions.
B. anything dedicated to the Temple could not D. By teaching the people to keep the
be used for anything else. commandments.
C. a practice that YEHOVAH God assigned to
the Judeans. 28. The Judean “teachers of the law” were
D. a practice that the Judeans followed in mainly from which Judean group?
A. The Essenes.
24. The true purpose and intent of the weekly B. The Pharisees.
Sabbath was -- C. The Sadducees.
D. The followers of John the Baptist.
A. made void by the Judeans.
B. highlighted by the traditions of the Judeans. 29. The Judean practice of washing hands was
C. promulgated by the Pharisees and done --
D. observed by the Israelites when they were in A. purely for hygienic purposes.
Egypt. B. because they were obeying YEHOVAH’s
25. The idea that the Judean leaders could C. as part of their traditionary law.
escape YEHOVAH’s wrath because they were D. to impress YEHOVAH God and the
descendants of Abraham -- Messiah.

A. was based on the precepts found in the Old 30. Fleshly circumcision was a strict
Testament. requirement --
B. also applied to the Judeans in general.
C. was recognized and condoned by Yeshua the A. practiced by the Greeks.
Messiah. B. according to Judean tradition.
D. is known as racial indulgence. C. that the Messiah placed upon New
Testament Christians.
26. At the time of the Messiah the Judeans D. that meant anyone not circumcised must be
believed -- shunned.

A. that hell is a place where Satan and the 31. The idea of “personal salvation” by works
demons live. alone is known as --
B. that the practice of astrology and sorcery
was pagan. A. a humanist doctrine.
C. the soul did not separate from the body at B. a precept of YEHOVAH God.
the time of death. C. having been handed down to Moses at
D. that usury was not to be practiced at all. Mount Sinai.
D. a true New Testament doctrine.
27. How did the Judeans try to become
righteous in YEHOVAH’s sight? 32. While in Assyria and Babylon the Israelites
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