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10 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Test 4

C. were strict adherents to the “written” law. 18. The two loaves of the Pentecost offering
D. were identical in beliefs to the Sadducees. (Leviticus 23:17) represent --

Lesson 14 A. Judah and Israel.
Day of Pentecost -- The Church in B. the firstfruits to YEHOVAH god.
YEHOVAH’s Master Plan C. the Old Testament only.
D. the Pharisees and Sadducees.
13. The third step in YEHOVAH’s Plan is
pictured by -- 19. YEHOVAH God’s holy spirit is --

A. the Feast of Trumpets. A. the power of YEHOVAH God.
B. the Day of Pentecost. B. part of the holy trinity.
C. the days of Unleavened Bread. C. also known as Yeshua the Messiah.
D. the season of Lent. D. not needed to enter into eternal life.

14. The Day of Pentecost pictures -- 20. Which Sabbaths (following the Days of
Unleavened Bread) were spent in the
A. the summer wheat harvest. Wilderness of Sin?
B. the return of the Messiah.
C. the large fall (autumn) harvest. A. The second and third.
D. the giving of YEHOVAH’s holy spirit. B. The sixth and seventh.
C. The third and fourth.
15. The barley for the Wave-Sheaf Offering D. The fourth and fifth.
was harvested on --
21. What happened at Mount Sinai on the Day
A. Nisan 10. of Firstfruits?
B. Abib 15.
C. Nisan 21. A. The Israelites received the holy spirit.
D. Nisan 16. B. Moses and the Israelites arrived at Mount
16. The count towards the Day of Pentecost C. The Israelites offered burnt offerings to the
begins -- golden calf.
D. Moses went up the mountain to receive the
A. on Nisan 16. tablets of stone.
B. on Abib 21.
C. on the day after the solar Sabbath that falls 22. In what modern-day country is Mount Sinai
during Unleavened Bread. located?
D. on Nisan 16 but does not include that day.
A. Egypt (Sinai peninsula).
17. The 50 days to Pentecost -- B. Jordan.
C. Saudi Arabia.
A. do not include the Sabbath days. D. Syria.
B. end in the month of Iyar.
C. begin after seven Sabbaths have been Lesson 15
completed.. The Traditions and Practices of the Judeans
D. always end on Sivan 6.
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