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6 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Test 10

the first two questions are already marked cor- 4. What is at the very center and life of an
rectly for you on your answer sheet as exam- orderly economic system?
ples.) That’s all there is to it! It’s very simple and
fast. A. A strong credit card system.
You are to SEND ONLY THE AN- B. The family.
SWER SHEET in to us when filled out. Handle C. Control of the national wealth by the
your answer sheet carefully at all times. A financiers
SMOOTH SHEET is easier to grade. D. A reasonable rate of interest on personal
We will CONTINUE to send you further loans.
lessons as long as you sincerely desire to
understand more of the Bible. So be sure to 5. Under YEHOVAH God’s economic system,
TAKE THIS TEST and send us your completed what will be the criterion of wealth?
answer sheet.
A. Goods.
1. The way to exercise the faith of the Messiah B. Gold coins.
is C. Silver coins.
D. Paper money.
A. to step out and put his faith to work in total
obedience. 6. What happens during the Jubilee year?
B. to neglect doing what he commands us to do
through his faith. A. All property returns to the state.
C. to make a tentative move and then wait to B. Leases are automatically renewed for
see if YEHOVAH God blesses you. another 49 years.
D. to sit back and do nothing. C. The Federal Reserve Bank releases money
for new loans.
2. Abraham’s faith D. All leases expire and the property returns to
the family of inheritance.
A. was tested only once.
B. grew without the need of trials or tests. 7. The practice of downsizing and sending jobs
C. was accounted to him for righteousness offshore
because he obeyed YEHOVAH God through
faith. A. will continue during the Millennium.
D. was sufficient without any obedience. B. releases loan capital that can be used during
the Jubilee year.
Lesson 37 C. is a Biblical principle found in the Old
Management, Labor & Property Rights Testament.
Under YEHOVAH’s Law D. will be completely eliminated during the
3. According to the Bible property rights
8. According to YEHOVAH’s law national
A. will be abolished during the Millennium. assets
B. will be abolished during the Jubilee year.
C. are a key factor in YEHOVAH God’s A. belong to all the people.
economic policy. B. belong to the Levites only.
D. will be vested in the Levites only. C. are to be used for maintaining the armed
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