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Test 10 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 5

You have to be willing to FORSAKE
ALL, as Peter did, and follow the Messiah, or THIS TENTH examination is given to
remain cut OFF from YEHOVAH God! help you BETTER UNDERSTAND your Bible
Our physical surroundings in this world and EVALUATE your own progress.
are sordid, gloomy, dark, and it’s a cold, cold You should by all means take this test
world! Yet we may freely imbibe, drink in, be after finishing the previous four lessons. It is a
filled with and ENJOY here and now a share of SIMPLE EXAMINATION covering your
the matchless BEAUTY, the SPLENDOR, the studies in this tenth group of four lessons. It’s a
GLORY and the HAPPINESS that belongs to quick review to help YOU REMEMBER and
and comes from the living GOD! put to PRACTICAL USE the vital Truth of
We may have this in ever-increasing YEHOVAH God you have learned. It also lets us
measure. YEHOVAH gives us an “earnest pay- know of your CONTINUED interest in the study
ment” of our potential glorious inheritance of your Bible.
HERE AND NOW, in this life! Though this Notice that there are 42 questions in this
world is unhappy and full of depressing dis- test. Also notice that FOUR CHOICES are given
couragements, we may share the Messiah’s under EACH question. These are labeled A, B,
glory and peace and happiness and beauty C, D. ONLY ONE of these four choices is the
within! CORRECT answer! The other three are FALSE,
The greatest possible sin is that which UNLESS STATED OTHERWISE.
shuts you out from the greatest possible ac- YOU ARE TO SELECT THE ONE
The most terrible possible PUNISH- FOUR CHOICES. You do this by CIRCLING
MENT that could be sentenced and carried out the letter of the answer you feel to be correct.
on any human would be to permanently and The correct answers to the first two
irrevocably cut one off from all possible access questions are already circled for you as exam-
to YEHOVAH GOD! ples. Repeat this procedure for each question.
This world IS cut off from YEHOVAH (Generally speaking, the INCORRECT answers
God -- it has cut itself off! Yet, NOT irrevocably. are FALSE ideas which are taught and believed
You may have FREE ACCESS to the Great God about the subject.)
-- through Yeshua the Messiah our Lord and Notice that the questions are divided into
High Priest! The WAY is unconditional surren- four parts -- each part representing one of the
der of your rebellious will to HIS -- to YEHO- four lessons to this present group. We advise you
VAH’s WAY -- His right and perfect laws. The not to cover more than one lesson at a sitting.
WAY, then, is by faith in the Messiah as per- Take sufficient time to understand each ques-
sonal Savior. tion. Try to answer as many questions as you can
Man, without YEHOVAH God, is utter- without referring to the lessons. If you find any
ly helpless and doomed. WITH YEHOVAH difficult questions, then REFER TO THE
God, he becomes the recipient of every good and LESSONS. We expect you to do so -- it isn’t
perfect gift from above! cheating!
Once you have finished going over the
questions and are satisfied with your answers,
Article to Write for:
FILL OUT your ANSWER SHEET by placing
an “X” in the box which corresponds to the
12 Proofs the Messiah DID NOT Pre-Exist!
selection you have chosen to be the correct
answer FOR EACH QUESTION. (Notice that
   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10