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Test 10 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 3

What Is the Worst Sin We Can Almighty GOD! Words are inadequate to de-
Commit? scribe! We would have to magnify superlatives,
and then multiply them!
THE other day this question came to my And we mortals are so insignificant, so
mind: “What is the greatest possible sin anyone feeble, so weak, so vile by comparison. King
could commit?" David continued:
Certainly a lack of gratitude is one of the “Therefore, our GOD, we all thank and
most prevalent, if not the most terrible, of sins. praise Your Majestic Name, for who am I, and
Few have learned to really appreciate what they who are my people, that we are able freely to
have. Most are prone to accept the good things give like this? For all comes from You."
by taking them for granted, failing to give Every good thing comes from YEHO-
thanks. We gripe about our complaints more VAH GOD! He is Creator, Sustainer, Ruler. His
than we count our blessings. Glory is beyond human imagination. His is the
But now the question came to me: “What perfect, holy, and righteous character. He IS, and
is the WORST of all sins? The most awful sin is the very source of, LOVE, WISDOM, GOOD-
that can be committed is, perhaps, one of the NESS, MIGHT and POWER. He sustains and
very LAST that most people would name. controls and directs every power and force and
Because the governments of men punish murder energy, ruling the vast UNIVERSE!
with capital punishment, many would suppose And yet, He, so great, so mighty, so
murder to be the capital sin. But there is a glorious, is extremely mindful of each one of us!
GREATER sin. He loves us so very much He CHOSE Yeshua
The question and answer came to me in a the Messiah, who became His only begotten
very pleasant and enjoyable manner. I was Son, to pay the penalty, in our stead, of our folly
reading, in the Fenton translation, I Chronicles -- our sins. He raised the Messiah from the dead,
29, beginning verse 10. The people of Israel, at BORN again by his resurrection, and gave to
King David’s request, had contributed liberally him POWER and GLORY, making him, the
for the building of YEHOVAH God’s Temple risen ever-living MESSIAH, the Judge and High
which was to be erected by Solomon. David, Priest over the Supreme Government of the
deeply moved by their generosity, was inspired limitless UNIVERSE!
to an emotional expression of gratefulness, More than that, through the Messiah,
combined with a vision of the greatness, the YEHOVAH God has made it possible for us to
majesty and glory of YEHOVAH God. He was also be begotten of the glorious GOD Himself!
publicly expressing his heart-touched gratitude Through the living Messiah we may re-
and praise. David was exultant. This is what he ceive the very spirit -- the LIFE -- the divine
was saying, before all the people: NATURE of YEHOVAH GOD! Thus we be-
“Blessed be You, the EVER-LIVING -- come co-heirs WITH the Messiah, that we, too,
the God of our Father Israel -- from Eternity to may be BORN by a resurrection as very SONS
Eternity! With You LORD, is Greatness, and of YEHOVAH GOD. Yeshua the Messiah was
Power, and beauty, and splendour, and glory! made the FIRSTBORN of many brethren! He,
For all the Heavens and the Earth are Yours, the Messiah, already has INHERITED -- and we
LORD! And Headship of all!" through him may become joint HEIRS to later
As I read David’s words of gratitude and inherit all that is YEHOVAH God’s -- the
praise, my mind seemed to catch the resplendent UNIVERSE ENTIRETY!
vision of the GREATNESS, the supreme uni- Can your mind grasp it? ALL THAT IS
verse-ruling POWER, the awesome BEAUTY, YEHOVAH’S, WE MAY SHARE!
the SPLENDOR, the matchless GLORY of the A portion of this we may imbibe, drink
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