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Test 1 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 7

A. gladii. 34. The Hebrew word “goy” --
B. luperci.
C. februa. A. is race specific.
D. stomata. B. refers only to Isaac’s sons.
C. refers to Christians only.
29. The “doctrine of Balaam” was -- D. can refer to Israelites or non-Israelites.

A. a doctrine of YEHOVAH’s true Church. 35. The Greek word “ethnos” is translated
B. a doctrine introduced by Moses. “Gentiles” --
C. a doctrine of compromise with paganism.
D. a doctrine that will be intoduced when the A. 12 times
Messiah returns. B. 50 times
C. 93 times
30. Hotcross buns were baked for -- D. 63 times in the New Testament.

A. the false Queen of Heaven. 36. The Greek word “ethnos” is translated
B. Noah’s wife. “non-Jew” --
C. the Messiah’s mother.
D. Old Testament church services. A. 0 times
B. 5 times
31. Which so-called Christian church first C. 64 times
compromised with paganism and adopted it as D. 2 times in the New Testament.
37. The Greek word “Hellen” was used --
A. The Anglican Church.
B. The Nazarenes. A. 20 times
C. The Ebionites. B. 7 times
D. The Roman Catholic Church. C. 10 times
D. 27 times in the New Testament.
32. The Jezebel in Revelation 2:20 pictures --
38. The Greek word “Hellen” should always be
A. YEHOVAH’s true Church. translated --
B. the religion of King David.
C. the ministry carried out by Moses in the A. Israelite.
wilderness. B. Greek.
D. false religions or churches. C. Roman.
D. Judean.
Lesson 4
Understanding Word Meanings 39. The term “Gentiles” refers to --

33. The Hebrew word “goy” was translated as: A Romans only.
B. a group of people sharing a common culture.
A. non-Jew. C. Greeks only.
B. Israelite. D. Assyrians only.
C. heathen.
D. Judahite. 40. Most Christians are --
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