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6 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Test 1

17. The Hebrew word from which the term Lesson 3 The Pagan Origins of Easter and
“Jew” is translated actually means -- Halloween

A. a descendant of Dan. 23. Who took the name of “Mother of God”?
B. a descendant of Joseph.
C. a descendant of Benjamin. A. Mary.
D. a descendant of Judah. B. Semiramis.
C. Sarah.
18. The Greek word from which the term D. Rebekah.
“Jew” is translated is geographical in nature
and means a resident of -- 24. Mary -- the Messiah’s mother -- is
presently in --
A. Galilee.
B. Canaan. A. Heaven.
C. Judea. B. Hell.
D. Samaria. C. Paradise.
D. her grave.
19. Yeshua the Messiah was a --
25. Should YEHOVAH’s ministers --
A. Galilean.
B. Judean. A. expose the evil of false religion?
C. Samaritan. B. be quiet and let YEHOVAH take care of
D. Jew. things?
C. accept other religions as being of equal
20. A large majority of those known as “Jews” value?
today are descended from -- D. violently attack people of other beliefs?

A. Israel (Jacob). 26. Which of the following were some of
B. the Khazars. Nimrod’s many names?
C. Judah.
D. the Phoenicians. A. Jacob.
B. Adonis.
21. The religion of Judaism can be traced back C. Paul.
to -- D. Tammuz.

A. Judea. 27. Saint Valentine’s Day was anciently known
B. Samaria. as --
C. Babylon.
D. Rome. A. the Ides of March.
B. the Saturnalia.
22. The religion of Judaism centers around -- C. Lent.
D. the Lupercalia.
A. the Talmud.
B. the Old Testament. 28. The goatskin thongs the Romans lashed
C. the Koran. young women with were known as --
D. the New Testament.
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