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Test 1 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 5

C. the Ides of March. A. the day of Moses’ birth.
D. Romulus. B. the inaugural day of rule for kings.
C. the anniversary of leaving Egypt.
6. In early America who forbad the observance D. the beginning of summer.
of Christmas?
12. According to the early “church” fathers
A. The Mormons. Christmas was not observed by the church
B. The Methodists. before the year --
C. The Shakers.
D. The Pilgrims. A. 377 A.D.
B. 1 A.D.
7. The Hebrew word for “tree” in Jeremiah 10 C. 4 B.C.
means -- D. 10 C.E.

A. a dead sapling. Lesson 2
B. a green shrub. The Correct Meaning of Names
C. a living tree.
D. a metal tree. 13. A “Hebrew” is any descendant of --

8. The weather in Jerusalem in December was A. Noah.
normally -- B. Adam.
C. Eber.
A. hot and sunny. D. Shem.
B. cold and rainy.
C. extremely humid. 14. The 12 sons of Jacob became known as --
D. perfect barbecue weather.
A. Israelites.
9. The symbolic woman in Revelation 12:1-5 B. Jacobites.
represents -- C. Jews.
D. Arabs.
A. Semiramis.
B. Esther. 15. A “Semite” is any descendant of --
C. Haggar.
D. the birth of the Messiah. A. Cain.
B. Shem.
10. The final ceremony in the coronation of C. Saul.
Israelite kings was -- D. Esau.

A. the blowing of trumpets. 16. Other Semitic peoples are --
B. the singing of hymns.
C. the placement of the crown. A. the Assyrians.
D. the wearing of the royal robes. B. the Adamites.
C. the Babylonians.
11. In ancient Israel Rosh ha-Shanah was D. the Kainites.
known as --
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