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2 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Test 1

An Open Letter from the Staff...

YOU WOULD be shocked to know the real
“Bible I.Q.” of most professing Christians.
Not long ago an eye-opening report on the total
ignorance about the Bible in the churches hit the
headlines. It was reported in several of the world’s
leading newspapers. It ought to startle you!
“Some months ago,” comments this report, “a
Protestant pastor administered a Bible quiz to members
of his congregation. The questions were very simple.
Anyone with a general knowledge of the Bible
SHOULD have been able to answer all of them easily!
“The results STAGGERED the pastor!” And
they will stagger you! BIBLE
“Only five percent of his flock made a
commendable grade on the test. Fifteen percent failed to
give a SINGLE correct answer. Sixty percent were
unable to name the four gospels. Seventy-five percent
Published at Arcadia, California by Hope
could not identify Calvary as the place where Yeshua
of Israel Ministries (Church of YEHO-
the Messiah was crucified.
“Some congregations,” continued the report,
“might do better than that. But not many. THE VAST
MAJORITY of Americans today ARE BIBLE
John D. Keyser
ILLITERATES! They simply have never read the book
which they profess to regard as the ‘Word of GOD.’ A
great many people have turned away from the Bible TECHNICAL ADVISOR
because, when they do try to read it, they find they Sean C. Keyser
CANNOT UNDERSTAND IT....To the modern reader,
it has a remote and antiquarian flavor. It is likely to YOUR ENROLLMENT has been paid by
leave him with the impression the Bible is an ancient others. Bulk copies for distribution not
history book that has no real relevance to his life here given or sold.
and now" (Lewis Cassels; Courier-Times, Tyler, ADDRESS COMMUNICATIONS to the
Texas). Editor at the following address:
You don’t need to be in this precarious Hope of Israel Ministries, P.O. Box 2186,
position! Temple City, California 91780, U.S.A.
YEHOVAH God has put within your reach _________________________________
knowledge the world can’t understand -- the knowledge
which REALLY COUNTS. The knowledge of what the About Our Cover...
FUTURE holds for the world. The vital knowledge
necessary for SALVATION. And it has been made SO
Pictured on our Test 1 cover is a composite of the
EASY, if you are willing to surrender and obey your
cover photos used in the preceding four lessons.
Each picture is a reminder of the marvelous Bible
This will be the most important study of your
Truths you studied with each lesson.

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