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Lesson 9 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 11

Using the map on page 10, answer the (Jeremiah 3:14-15). In the early histories they
following questions: called themselves “this wandering race of
1. According to Colossians 1:2, Paul and Jacobites,” “a vine out of Egypt,” and “the seed
Timothy wrote to the Christian Israelites (saints of Abraham.” They gave their children and
and faithful brethren) in WHAT city? villages Israelite names, and YEHOVAH God
2. The first verses of 1st and 2nd blessed them abundantly.
Thessalonians indicate that Paul, Silvanus and Yes, the Christian nations of the world
Timothy were writing to the Christian Israelites are the modern-day descendants of the Israelite
(ecclesia) in WHAT city? forefathers -- YEHOVAH God’s chosen people.
3. According to James 1:1, this letter The marks of Israel’s blessings can be seen in
was written to WHOM “scattered abroad”? them. However, MOST of these Israelites are
4. Peter 1:1 indicates that Peter wrote his still BLINDED as to their TRUE identity; the
two letters to WHOM scattered throughout the MAJORITY have accepted the FALSE Judaized
Roman provinces of Pontus, Galatia, teaching that they are not Israel. They are also
Cappadocia, Asia and Bithynia. BLINDED to the TRUTH of the good news of
COMMENT: These nations were all in the Kingdom of YEHOVAH God and to the
Asia Minor. meaning of the New Covenant. They have been
Judaized on these CRUCIAL doctrines as well.
Christian Israel The majority of Israelites today are living as
“CHILDREN OF THE FLESH” rather than as
Secular history records the preaching of “children of the spirit.” What do these terms
this SAME Gospel in Spain, Ireland, Scotland mean? What did Paul mean when he said in
and England. With the invention of the printing Romans 9:6 that “they are not all Israel which
press, YEHOVAH God provided the means by are of Israel”? Are all physical Israelites
which the Scriptures were made available to all “children of promise” and “heirs of the
of DISPERSED ISRAEL throughout Europe, kingdom”? Who is the “remnant” and the “elect”
bringing with it the Age of Enlightenment, the spoken of in the New Testament? These
Reformation, and the Age of Discovery. questions will be the subject of an upcoming
A new continent to the west, a New lesson.
World, was then discovered. Persecution of the
Christian Israelites in Europe initiated a
MIGRATION to this new land, that began as a
trickle and later became a FLOOD. Our pilgrim
fathers, who were Christian Israelites from
Europe, according to YEHOVAH’s promises
were called to this North American continent
which was called “THE WILDERNESS” and
“NEW CANAANLAND.” They said they had
come to establish the Kingdom of YEHOVAH
YEHOVAH called His SHEEP (Israel)
out from among the pagan Catholicism of
Europe; He took them one of a city and two of a
family and brought them to Zion. He gave those
of His true church Christian pastors who fed
them with knowledge and understanding Abundant wheat: a blessing of modern Israel

The Descendants of Israel
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