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8 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Lesson 8

NOT have them WORK at gathering manna on in the field) had to be the 22nd (verse 25)!
the SABBATH DAY since He would The 22nd of YEHOVAH’s calendar is
FALLING ON THAT DAY? Exodus 16:26. the 22nd is clearly a Sabbath -- as YEHOVAH
9. But did some of the people disbelieve God went to great pains to point out to the
Moses and thereby DISOBEY YEHOVAH God Israelites -- then seven days previous, the 15th,
by going out into the fields on the Sabbath to try when they arrived in the wilderness, IS ALSO A
to gather manna? Verses 27-28. SABBATH! It then follows that the 8th and the
10. Did YEHOVAH have to command 29th of the month are ALSO Sabbaths that line
them AGAIN not to work on the Sabbath? Verse up with the moon’s phases. CLEARLY,
29. What did the people finally do on the YEHOVAH’s weekly Sabbaths are LUNAR and

15th 16th 17th 18th 19th 20th 21st 22nd

Full Moon

1st Day
Sabbath portion 2nd Day 3rd Day 4th Day 5th Day 6th Day
of Sabbath
Arrival in manna. Single Single Single Single Double
wilderness No
Quail portion portion portion portion portion
of Sin. manna.
appear of of of of of
after manna. manna. manna. manna. manna.
Glory sunset

Sabbath? Verse 30. Did YEHOVAH’s conform to His LUNAR CALENDAR just like
withholding of manna on the seventh day clearly the Feast days He gave Israel.
show them WHICH DAY of the week is the Notice that YEHOVAH God performed
TRUE SABBATH? THREE great distinct miracles each week to
COMMENT: The absence of manna on point out the exact day of the Sabbath to Israel:
the seventh day POSITIVELY IDENTIFIED 1) YEHOVAH miraculously GAVE them
exactly WHICH DAY is the Sabbath on which manna on the first six days of the week,
they were to REST from all their labors. Thus including a DOUBLE portion on the sixth day;
YEHOVAH God miraculously revealed the 2) He miraculously WITHHELD the manna
TRUE Sabbath Day to the Israelites! each Sabbath Day; and 3) YEHOVAH
So WHAT DAY on YEHOVAH’s miraculously PRESERVED the leftover portion
calenday was the Sabbath? Since the Israelites of the 6th day’s manna so it could be used for the
arrived in the wilderness of Sin on the 15th Sabbath, thereby giving the people a REST from
(verse 1) -- the day of the FULL MOON -- then gathering it on the Sabbath.
seven days later (when NO MANNA appeared As each weekly Sabbath made its

YEHOVAH God’s TRUE Sabbath Day -- Part 2
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