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Lesson 8 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 7

different light on these verses? Notice that the the 15th, the mystery is solved! The 15th of the
phrase “seven days thou shalt eat unleavened lunar month is, of course, the day of the FULL
bread” is repeated TWICE. This, along with MOON.
different punctuation, indicates that these verses
are simply saying that we are to eat unleavened Exact Day for Sabbath Revealed to Ancient
bread for seven days and in the SEVENTH DAY Israel
(OF THE WEEK) -- Nisan 15 -- is the FEAST,
which is eaten with unleavened bread and 1. Read Exodus chapter 16. What DAY
continues for seven days. The FEAST is NOT on did they arrive in the wilderness of Sin? Verse 1.
the 21st day, but is on the SEVENTH DAY -- COMMENT: Remember this date. The
Nisan 15. 15th day of the second month is the day of the
3. There are a number of verses in the FULL MOON in YEHOVAH’s calendar.
Bible that conclusively PROVE that the 15th is 2. Did YEHOVAH God say He would
the feast mentioned in Exodus 13:6 -- NOT the rain bread from heaven for the Israelites?
21st. Go now to Numbers 28:16-17. Exodus 16:4. What was this bread called? Verse
COMMENT: The wording here is 15. Be sure to READ this entire chapter before
almost identical to that in Exodus 13:6 with one going any further.
exception -- the phrase “seven days thou shalt 3. For what PURPOSE did YEHOVAH
eat unleavened bread” is employed only ONCE. rain down this bread? Exodus 16:4. Notice the
The Hebrew word for “feast” in verse 17 is the words, “My law.”
SAME as that in Exodus 13:6. The sacrifice is COMMENT: The word “law” here
killed on the 14th and eaten “in” the 15th with refers to the SABBATH Commandment
unleavened bread that continues for seven days. (Exodus 20:8), as we shall soon see.
In verse 17 the 15th is uniquivocably 4. Was this manna also to serve as food
called the “Feast,” therefore the 15th must be the for the Israelites? Exodus 16:32. Were they told
Feast -- NOT the 21st! In fact, NOWHERE in NOT TO save manna overnight for the next day?
the Bible is Nisan 21 called a “feast.” It is called Exodus 16:19. What HAPPENED to the manna
“a solemn assembly” and other names, but NOT the disobedient ones saved for the following
a feast! day? Verse 20.
4. Notice in Numbers 28:17 it says, “in COMMENT: Notice that ALL manna
the FIFTEENTH DAY of this month is the left overnight for the next day BRED WORMS
FEAST: seven days shall unleavened bread be and STANK!
eaten.” Back in Exodus 13:6 it says, “in the 5. But were they to gather TWICE as
SEVENTH DAY shall be a FEAST to the much manna on the 6th day of the week as they
LORD, unleavened bread shall be eaten seven gathered on the other days of the week? Exodus
days.” Almost identical wording. 16:5.
COMMENT: The question to ask is this 6. Was this DOUBLE portion of manna
-- “does the FEAST fall on the 15th, or on the to be enough for TWO days -- enough for both
SEVENTH DAY? Or is the 15th and the the 6th day and the next day -- the SABBATH
SEVENTH DAY one and the SAME? We have Day? Exodus 16:23.
seen from Scripture that the “Feast” is on the 7. Did the manna which was saved for
“seventh day” and we have seen that the “Feast” the morning of the Sabbath -- the seventh day --
is ALSO on the 15th. How do we resolve this? If stink and breed worms as it did if saved
we can understand that YEHOVAH is talking overnight for any of the previous six days?
about the LUNAR WEEK -- in which the Verse 24. Why not? Verse 25.
seventh day or Sabbath will ALWAYS falls on 8. Did YEHOVAH God say He would

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