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Lesson 8 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 11

show that the Sabbath was also on the 15th in the told to start the count to the day of Pentecost or
3RD MONTH. First-fruits? Verse 15.
COMMENT: This makes THREE COMMENT: In Leviticus 23:10 it
months in a row that the Sabbath was on the 15th states that when the Israelites came into the land
-- which further increases (if that were possible!) they were to wave the sheaf of the first-fruits on
the IMPOSSIBILITY of this happening with the MORROW after the SABBATH, and verse
the Roman (Gregorian) Calendar we use today! 15 says that they were to begin a count on the
MORROW after the SABBATH. Verse 14 says
Joshua and the Parched Corn they could NOT eat the new parched corn, etc.,
until the SAME DAY they carried out the
In comparing Joshua 5:10-12 with offering. What day was this? According to the
Leviticus 23:10-11, 14-15 we find further 1st. Century Jewish historian Josephus, Philo the
confirmation that the weekly Sabbath falls on 1st. Century philosopher, Alfred Edersheim, the
the 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th of each LUNAR Septuagint -- and many other sources -- this
month. would ALWAYS be on the 16TH of the
1. Read Joshua 5:10-12. What DAY did LUNAR month.
the Israelites keep the Passover? Verse 10. This means that the weekly SABBATH
COMMENT:They kept the Passover on will ALWAYS be on the 15th -- every year --
the 14th day at even (night, that begins the 15th). and the ONLY way this can happen is to count
2. WHEN did they “eat of the old corn of the Sabbaths by the moon. This simply
the land”? Verse 11. CANNOT happen if you use the Roman
COMMENT: Actually, “old corn” is a (Gregorian) Calendar count!
bad translation. The Jewish Tanakh renders it Also -- Joshua 5:11 proclaims that the
this way: “...they ate of the produce of the Israelites ate of the parched corn on THE
country, unleavened bread and parched grain.” MORROW AFTER THE PASSOVER. We
They ate the parched (new) corn or grain on the know that the PASSOVER falls on the 15th, and
MORROW AFTER THE PASSOVER (the next we have learned that the 15th is the weekly
day) which would be the 16TH. SABBATH because the parched corn was eaten
3. On what DAY did the MANNA on the 16th when the wave sheaf offering was
cease? Verse 12. made! Therefore, CLEARLY, the Passover
COMMENT: The MANNA ceased on ALWAYS falls on the weekly Sabbath!
the SAME morrow or day (the 16TH) after 40 The MANNA provides the final proof --
YEARS. It had begun 40 years earlier on the it CEASED on the SAME morrow or day (the
16TH -- as we have already seen in Exodus 16. 16TH) after 40 years. It had begun 40 years
4. Now read Leviticus 23:10-11 and earlier ON THE 16TH, as we have seen in our
14-15. WHAT were the Israelites told to bring to study of Exodus 16. In Exodus 16 we proved
the priest after they entered the land? Verse 10. that the 15th was YEHOVAH’s weekly Sabbath.
5. WHEN was the priest told to wave the
sheaf before YEHOVAH? Verse 11. The Messiah Kept the CORRECT Sabbath
states that they were to wave the sheaf of the Yeshua the Messiah, the messenger of
first-fruits on THE MORROW AFTER THE the New Covenant, came with the POWER of
SABBATH. the holy spirit -- power which all of us may
6. In verse 14, WHEN does it say the share. And by that power Yeshua KEPT the
Israelites could eat the PARCHED CORN? Sabbath commandment as it was intended to be
7. From what DAY were the Israelites kept!

YEHOVAH God’s TRUE Sabbath Day -- Part 2
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