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Lesson 6 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 9

time of Ezra and Nehemiah, could NOT possibly seek and redeem? Could they be the sheep that
be all that remained of such a MULTITUDE of would HEAR his voice and follow him? Could
people. WHAT happened to the VAST the “Christians” of the world be these LOST
MAJORITY of these people? WHERE could ISRAELITES -- YEHOVAH God’s people
they have gone, and WHERE can their MANY ISRAEL? These questions will be the subject of
descendants be found today? It is as though they Lesson 9.
have been LOST!
Is it just possible that these seemingly
lost ISRAELITES can be identified today? Is it NOTES:
possible that the vast majority of them do not
realize WHO they are? Could these people be
the “GENTILES” (nations) to which the
Messiah sent his apostles? Could they be the
“GENTILES” (nations) that the apostle Paul
said he would go to? Could these so-called
“GENTILES” really be the LOST SHEEP OF
THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL that Yeshua came to

Babylon -- where the captive Judahites were

Answers to Questions in Lesson 5

1. prevent 2. Yes 3. high positions 4. Yes
5. sun, serpent 6. moon 7. Sabbath 8.
phases 9. planetary week 10. Babylon 11.
Saturday or Saturn’s Day 12. Constantine the
“Great” 13. any day 14. Roman Catholic

The Lost Sheep
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