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8 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Lesson 6

verse 12, WHAT “entered into the world”
because of Adam?
2. As a result, WHAT “passed upon ALL
men”? (Verse 12).
3. According to verse 17, death (spiritual
death) reigns through Adam, but WHAT reigns
through Yeshua the Messiah?
4. In I Corinthians 15:22, we read that
in Adam all____________and in the Messiah all
shall be made____________.
5. In John 10:10, WHAT was it that
Yeshua said he came to bring? To correct His chosen people, YEHOVAH God
COMMENT: From the above verses we would allow them to be oppressed by other
can see that because of Adam’s sin (refusal to nations.
follow YEHOVAH God), man became
played the HARLOT?
spiritually dead (LOST spiritual life). He was in
3. According to II Kings 17, WHAT
a lost condition. We also see that the Messiah
happened to ISRAEL?
came to give LIFE: to RESTORE that which was
4. II Kings 18:13 tells us that Assyria
lost. This subject will be covered in more detail
also took the cities of WHAT nation?
in later lessons.
5. According to II Kings 25:1-2 and
8-10, JERUSALEM was besieged and taken
captive by WHAT people?
6. In Romans 15:8, WHO did the apostle
Paul say would confirm the PROMISES made
The second aspect of this “lost”
unto the FATHERS (ISRAEL’S fathers)? (See
condition deals with the DIVORCED (put away)
also Daniel 9:20-27).
state which ISRAEL was in. YEHOVAH God
COMMENT: From the above verses we
had made great promises (covenants) to
see ALL Israel (both ISRAEL and JUDAH)
Abraham and his descendants through Isaac and
divorced and sent into captivity because of her
Jacob and entered a COVENANT relationship
turning away from YEHOVAH god. She lost her
with Israel which He described as a “marriage”
status as a free nation and was without a king. It
arrangement between husband and wife (these
appears that the covenant promises made to
promises and covenants will be covered in more
Israel’s forefathers are lost. However, in the
detail in later lessons). Because of Israel’s
New Testament we see Israel redeemed and the
wickedness (harlotry -- following OTHER gods
promises confirmed through king Yeshua. That
or masters) and turning away from YEHOVAH
which was lost is found and restored.
God, He DIVORCED her and destroyed her as a
kingdom by bringing about her captivity to the
Assyrians and Babylonians. Thus, Israel lost her
king, kingdom, freedom and the covenant
The third aspect of this “lost” condition involves
relationship with YEHOVAH.
the question of what happened to the
1. Read Jeremiah 3:1-11. According to
verse 8, backsliding Israel committed
that were taken captive and removed from their
____________and YEHOVAH God put her
lands. The small REMNANT of Israelites that
away and gave her a bill of______________.
returned to Jerusalem from Babylon, during the
2. WHO else, according to verse 8,
The Lost Sheep
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