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Lesson 6 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 7

that which was lost”? (Compare with Matthew Parable of the Lost Son
6. WHO was Yeshua speaking to in 1. Read Luke 15:11-32. Being “lost”
verses 9 and 10? (from the Greek word apollumi -- verses 24 and
7. WHAT did the Messiah call him in 32) was likened to being WHAT?
verse 9? 2. Being “found” (verses 24 and 32) is
8. In Luke 9:56, Yeshua said that he had likened to being WHAT?
“not come to destroy men’s lives,” but to do 3. The son who was “lost” (dead) and
WHAT to them? was “found” (made alive -- verses 18 and 21) is
9. In the verse above, the word destroy is symbolic of WHO?
translated from WHAT Greek word? COMMENT: The above three parables
10. Read Mark 8:34-38. In verse 35, the CLEARLY show that SIN caused ISRAEL to
word lose is used twice. WHAT Greek word is it become lost (spiritually DEAD; i.e. without
translated from in each case? Godly motivation). Repentance, then, indicates
11. In verse 34, Yeshua is speaking to that they are again found (made spiritually
those that would FOLLOW him. WHO did ALIVE). Yeshua declared he was sent
Yeshua say in John 10:27 would FOLLOW SPECIFICALLY TO ISRAEL. He also sent his
him? DISCIPLES to ISRAEL. The “lost sheep” were
COMMENT: From the verses above, spiritually dead ISRAELITES. When they are
we can get a feel for the meaning of the Greek “found,” they receive new life, become HIS
word apollumi, translated as lost, destroy and sheep, hear HIS voice and follow HIM instead
lose. Yeshua was sent to SEEK and SAVE a lost of other (false) masters (shepherds).
PEOPLE. He identified those PEOPLE as the
“HOUSE OF ISRAEL.” He also said that his What Was Lost
SHEEP would hear his voice and FOLLOW
him. Let us now examine three of the Messiah’s Now that we have identified the SHEEP
PARABLES for more evidence. of the scriptures as ISRAEL (ISRAELITES), we
can turn our attention to the question of what
Parable of the Lost Sheep caused them to get “lost.” WHY did the Messiah
refer to ISRAEL as lost sheep? We will now
1. Read Luke 15:1-7. WHO is the briefly look at this question from THREE
Messiah speaking to in these parables? (Verse different perspectives.
2. The words lose and lost in verse 4 and SPIRITUALLY LOST
the word lost in verse 6 are ALL translated from
WHAT Greek word? The first aspect of this “lost” condition
3. The “lost sheep” that was found is deals with the SPIRITUAL state which ISRAEL
symbolic of WHO? (Verse 7). was in. Keep in mind that by the word “spiritual”
we mean having to do with one’s state of
Parable of the Lost Coin disposition -- NOT with imaginary invisible
realms! The preceding three parables of the
1. Read Luke 15:8-10. The words lose in Messiah gave us a strong clue of this primary
verse 8 and lost in verse 9 are BOTH translated problem. Let’s see what additional facts the
from WHAT Greek word? Bible gives us about this particular type of “lost”
2. The “lost piece of silver” that was situation.
found is symbolic of WHO? (Verse 10). 1. Read Romans 5:12-21. According to

The Lost Sheep
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