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Lesson 6 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 3

The Lost Sheep

LESSON 6 Let’s examine a few verses and see how
the Psalmists described YEHOVAH’s people.
SHEEP 1. What are YEHOVAH’s people called
in Psalms 79:13?
The word sheep appears in both the Old 2. In Psalms 95:7, WHAT are
and New Testaments. Many times this term is YEHOVAH’s people called?
used to describe a certain group of people. Let’s 3. What are the Israel people called in
examine the use of this word in the Bible and see Psalms 100:3?
WHO it refers to. 4. In each of the above verses, the word
SHEEP was translated from what Hebrew
Old Testament Usage word?
COMMENT: The above verses clearly
According to Strong’s Concordance show that the Psalmists used the word sheep in
Dictionary, the word “sheep,” in the Old speaking about the ISRAEL PEOPLE. Let’s
Testament, comes from the Hebrew word “tson now look at the writings of the Israelite prophets
or ts’own, a collective name for a flock (of sheep Isaiah and Jeremiah to see if they, too, made the
or goats); also figuratively (of men).” same comparison.
In the Old Testament the word “sheep” is 5. Read Isaiah 53. (This is a tremendous
translated from SIX different Hebrew words. prophecy of Yeshua’s sacrifice for Israel’s sin).
The Hebrew word most often used is Strong’s In verse 6, what does the prophet Isaiah compare
#6629 (approximately 80% of the time). The YEHOVAH’s people to, that “have gone astray”
Englishman’s Hebrew Concordance indicates (speaking of their iniquity or lawlessness)?
that the two PRIMARY translations of this word 6. In Jeremiah 23:1-8 is a powerful
(#6629) are “sheep” and “flock.” Let us now prophecy of the regathering of the Israel people
look at some scripture verses using this Hebrew and the Messiah’s rule over his kingdom. In
word. verse 1, YEHOVAH God speaks out against
“the pastors that__________and scatter the
sheep of my pasture!”
7. In verse 2, what does YEHOVAH say
the pastors who were supposed to feed HIS
PEOPLE “have scattered”?
8. In verse 3, what does YEHOVAH
God say He “will gather the remnant of [His]
The book of Psalms was the hymn book flock” to?
and prayer book of Israel -- and later of the early 9. In Jeremiah 50, verses 6 and 17, what
Christians. The different authors wrote the sort of sheep does YEHOVAH compare His
Psalms to and about YEHOVAH’s people Israel. people Israel to?
COMMENT: The name “Psalms” 10. In the five verses above, the words
comes from the Greek word Psalmoi which “sheep” and “flock” are translated from what
means “songs.” Sometimes the book of Psalms Hebrew word?
is called the Psalter. It has also been called the COMMENT: The prophet Ezekiel also
“Hebrew Prayer and Praise Book.” likened the ISRAEL PEOPLE to sheep. Ezekiel,

The Lost Sheep
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