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Question 1: What word did the Psalmists use when speaking about the ISRAEL

Question 2: In the Old Testament the words pastors, shepherds and feed are ALL
translated from what Hebrew word?__________________________________

Question 3: In Micah 2:12, WHO is compared to sheep?___________________________

Question 4: What is the ENGLISH meaning of the Greek word “poimen”?____________

Question 5: In Matthew 10:6, to WHOM did the Messiah tell his disciples to

Question 6: Peter wrote to strangers in WHAT FIVE countries or regions? (I Peter

Question 7: WHAT is Yeshua called in Hebrews 13:20?___________________________

Question 8: Is there a CONNECTION between those known as sheep in the Old
Testament and those known as sheep in the New?________________________

Question 9: How many times does the word lost appear in theOld Testament?__________

Question 10: To what SPECIFIC people in Matthew 15:24 was the Messiah

Question 11: What was it that caused ISRAEL to become lost?______________________

Question 12: What NATIONS were DIVORCED by YEHOVAH and sent into

Question 13: The armies of Assyria took captive the cities of WHAT nation?___________

Question 14: The word “harlotry” in the Bible usually refers to the people following

Question 15: What people besieged and took Jerusalem captive?____________________

The answers will be found in the next lesson. Approximately 3 weeks after receiving Lessons
5 through 8, you will receive a mail-in test that covers these four lessons. The test will be
returned to you after grading. Following the completion of the Hope of Israel Bible
Correspondence Course you will receive a Certificate of Completion. If you complete the
course with a grade of 75% or better you will also receive an Outstanding Student Award.

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