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6 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Lesson 43

to receive the blessing in the
first place. Esau was a man
who had little concern for his
relationship with YEHOVAH
God, for his relationship with
his brother or for his birth-
right, but valued his food
more highly. This doesn’t
speak too well for his charac-
That Esau ultimately
lost the blessing to Jacob
(whose name was changed to
ISRAEL, meaning “you have
prevailed with YEHOVAH Esau selling his birthright to Jacob.
God” -- Genesis 32:28) was
clearly YEHOVAH’s JUS- years later when Moses led the children of Israel
TICE due to Esau’s irreverence and lack of out of Egypt? Numbers 20:17-18.
character, and Jacob’s reverence, character and COMMENT: When Moses sought to
great faith. Down through the centuries there has pass through the land belonging to Edom his re-
been this SAME unjust and irreverent bitter quest was denied by Kadesh, the king of Edom.
hatred toward Jacob (Israel). 13. Is Edom one and the same as the
11. Did Esau receive a blessing from descendants of Esau? Genesis 36:19.
Isaac when he went crying to his father over the COMMENT: Notice the phrase “lest I
loss of his blessing to his brother Jacob? Genesis come out against you with a SWORD.”
COMMENT: When Esau begged his The Rise of Islam
father Isaac for a blessing for himself, Isaac
blessed him and in so doing brought forth a More than 2,000 years later Mohammed,
PROPHETIC utterance which is PRESENTLY because of jealousy, bitterness and unforgive-
still being fulfilled among his descendants, THE ness, fell victim to Satan’s trap that Allah (Satan
MODERN-DAY ARABS! in disguise) -- not YEHOVAH -- is God and that
Notice the phrases “fatness of the earth,” Mohammed and his Arab brethren are YEHO-
“you shall serve your brother” and, especially, VAH’s chosen people and that the descendants
“By your SWORD you shall live.” The Arabs of Israel are infidels.
possess 22 nations, many of which are of the This was Satan’s attempt through Mo-
world’s wealthiest because of the oil reserves. hammed (just as he did through Esau) and his
However, the vast SUPERIORITY of the followers to contradict and negate the will of the
economies of the Israelite nations of today over God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel.
those of the Arab nations is remarkable, and 1. Why does Satan hate YEHOVAH God
large numbers of Palestinians trudge daily into so? Hebrews 2:14-15 and Revelation 12:9.
the nation of Israel to work for their Israeli COMMENT: It was also Satan’s at-
employers. “By your SWORD you shall live” is tempt to NEGATE the blessing that YEHOVAH
one of the KEY attributes of the rider of the God had given to Jacob’s children -- see Genesis
PALE HORSE of Revelation 6! 12:3. To accomplish his wicked purposes he
12. What happened approximately 300 created a VIOLENT AND VILE ANTI-

Principles of Prophecy -- The Pale Horse of Revelation 6
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