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Lesson 43 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 5

cising his faith or doing what
was necessary to gain it. It
was the SAME with Esau.
Out of jealousy, Cain killed
his brother.
8. What did Cain say
about his brother’s where-
abouts when questioned by
YEHOVAH God? Genesis
COMMENT: First, he
showed that he was a LIAR
and second, a jealous hater.
Jacob, like Abel, paid the
Isaac blessing Jacob. price for having received
YEHOVAH’s favor. Al-
COMMENT: It was never YEHO- though he wasn’t murdered, he was despised and
VAH’s plan that Esau (and Ishmael, another called a cheat and was accused of stealing his
father of the Arab nations) should receive brother Esau’s blessing -- even though it was
YEHOVAH’s blessing in the first place. The CLEARLY Jacob’s by virtue of YEHOVAH’s
reason is that YEHOVAH God knew in advance will.
what Esau would be like. 9. What about the great Israelite patri-
5. Notice what YEHOVAH said to arch, Joseph? Genesis 37:24.
Rebekah, the mother of the twins, while she was COMMENT: Chosen of YEHOVAH
yet pregnant, advising her of His plan for her God to receive His blessing, Joseph was thrown
boys: Genesis 25:23. into a pit and left for dead by his brothers.
COMMENT: Isn’t it so that the inheri- Therefore, the story of Jacob is just another one
tor of a blessing is frequently the object of scorn of the many great all time LIES spewed out by
and jealousy? the father of lies Satan, who hates the descen-
6. Look at the CLASSIC and earliest dants of Israel, the “apple of God’s eye” (Zech-
Biblical example of this typical reaction. Gene- ariah 2:8), and will do ANYTHING to destroy
sis 4:2. them.
COMMENT: Of the two sons of Adam Esau, who is the ancestor of many of the
and Eve, Abel had found favor with YEHOVAH modern-day Arab nations, demonstrated the
God. The Bible tells us that Abel was a shepherd, SAME insolent disrespect for YEHOVAH God
no doubt a pious, faithful, God-loving man, and that Cain did.
Cain was a tiller of the ground who was pre- 10. What did Esau try to do after he had
occupied with his stomach. Esau, “a skillful voluntarily SOLD HIS BIRTHRIGHT to his
hunter, a man of the field,” showed an amazing brother for a bowl of stew to fill his stomach?
similarity to Cain -- both being earthy men. Genesis 27:36.
Abel, a shepherd, was probably very similar to COMMENT: Later, when he wasn’t
Jacob. hungry any more, he tried to regain the blessing
7. What does the Bible say regarding from his father Isaac, but was too late. There was
Abel and Cain? Genesis 4:4-7. also the STUBBORN REFUSAL to accept the
COMMENT: Cain was a profligate who fact, as there is with his modern-day descen-
wanted the blessing without working or exer- dants, that YEHOVAH God intended for Jacob

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