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4 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Lesson 43

panied by Hades or the grave into which its vic- is the Good News of the Kingdom of YEHO-
tims are gathered. VAH God, in which YEHOVAH God is directly
4. The gospel is “the word of TRUTH.” acting upon the world through His Word and
But, by contrast, Satan would employ for his spirit. By the other three the effects of the
ends various forms of “the LIE” -- II Thessa- Messiah’s ministry act upon it indirectly. The
lonians 2:11. STRIFE and VARIANCE that he said he would
COMMENT: In other words Satan send throughout the earth were provoked by the
would employ some DECEPTIVE form of gospel message and have ALWAYS and
teaching, some IMITATION of the gospel, EVERYWHERE followed in its wake. Likewise
“ANOTHER GOSPEL,” which presents AN- the powerful influence of COUNTERFEIT
omits the saving TRUTH of the death and resur- resulted from Satan’s efforts to stall the spread
rection of Yeshua the Messiah. of YEHOVAH’s truth. And, finally, Satan’s
While this deadly, soul-destroying “lie” campaign of venomous lies, murderous jihads,
in the form of perverted and PAGAN “Christi- suppression of the Scriptures and stirring up the
anity” (i.e. Catholicism and her daughter relig- hatred of governments against YEHOVAH’s
ions) has followed the track of the Good News of people is directly squared against the TRUTH of
the Kingdom of YEHOVAH God in every part the gospel.
of the field (world) from the days of the apostles
until now, the rider of the PALE HORSE is the The Beginning of Hatred
ONLY ONE singled out and specifically named.
This, along with the phrase “power was given to Let us now trace the history of the PALE
them over A FOURTH OF THE EARTH” and HORSE of Revelation 6:
“to kill with SWORD, with hunger...and by THE 1. Notice Genesis 27:41.
BEASTS OF THE EARTH” indicate a SPECIF- COMMENT: Esau’s hatred, an evil
IC LIE that would cause a DEARTH of spiritual malignancy that has lurked in the hearts of his
food backed by human governments that Satan descendants through the ages resulting in WARS
has often been able to use with DESTRUCTIVE and the MURDERS of untold numbers of Ja-
EFFECT in opposition to the gospel. cob’s descendants, was based upon the loss of
In Revelation 6 YEHOVAH God has his BIRTHRIGHT to his brother Jacob. It was
revealed to us the symbols of MAJOR spiritual hatred born out of extreme jealousy.
agencies whereby the character of this age has 2. What sort of man was Jacob? Genesis
been largely determined -- the WHITE HORSE 25:27.
(the going forth of the Good News through the COMMENT: The Bible refers to Jacob
spirit of YEHOVAH God), the BLACK HORSE as a “mild” or “plain” man. However, this is an
(the going forth of counterfeit Christianity erroneous translation of the Hebrew word
through the spirit of Satan) and the PALE “tawm,” which means perfect, undefiled, up-
HORSE (a SPECIFIC religious movement that right (see Strong’s Concordance, #8535).
kills by the SWORD and ensnares a FOURTH of 3. It is used elsewhere in the Bible to
the earth). describe Job as a PERFECT man -- see Job 1:8.
In the light of history we can plainly see COMMENT: Therefore, rather than a
that the religious, social, industrial and political mild or plain man this verse, when accurately
conditions of our era are what they are because translated from the original Hebrew, describes
of these four mighty spiritual agencies that have Jacob as a perfect, pious and upright man.
had free reign from the beginning of the gospel 4. Esau is described quite differently.
age until now. The first and greatest in its effect Hebrews 12:16-17.

Principles of Prophecy -- The Pale Horse of Revelation 6
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