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6 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Lesson 40

the son of God was pre-existent. 6. Another scripture that is used to de-
COMMENT: The first thing you should ceive many is Proverbs 30:4, King James
realize is the fact that there are many sources out version.
there that know this verse has been mistranslated COMMENT: Once again, this partic-
-- Clarke’s Commentary is one of them: “Verse ular scripture is TWISTED by the false ministers
25. [Is like the Son of God.] A most IMPROPER in the world who claim that it teaches that the elahin signifies a son of the Messiah was already in existence at that time.
gods, that is, a Divine person or angel; and so the But this verse in NO WAY refers to the Messiah
king calls him in verse 28: ‘God hath sent his -- and it is hard to believe that any serious
ANGEL, and delivered his servants.’” student of the Bible could use this verse to justify
It is quite amazing that there are people such an understanding. But, sadly, they do.
out there who say this fourth person was Yeshua Correctly translated, this verse reads:
the Messiah. They, of course, are trying to de- “Who has ascended into heaven, or descended?
ceive you into thinking that the Messiah was Who has gathered the wind in His fists? Who has
alive at the time. But even a CURSORY exam- bound up the waters in His garment? Who has
ination of this verse indicates that there is established all the ends of the earth? What is HIS
absolutely NOTHING here that names the Mes- NAME? What is THE NAME of His sons? Tell
siah or says that he pre-existed! me if you know!”
Now, let’s notice WHAT was said -- and The Anchor Bible, Proverbs, on page
by WHOM. The statement made in Daniel 3:25 176, plainly says that the sons who are being
was spoken by Nebuchadnezzar, the king of spoken of refer to the HEAVENLY HOST -- in
Babylon -- just as Daniel 3:24 clearly states. other words, the ANGELS! This was NOT
Nebuchadnezzar was a pagan who had just made speaking of the Messiah going back and forth
an image of himself and had commanded all in from heaven to earth; this was speaking of
his kingdom to worship it. He then cast Shad- YEHOVAH God’s MESSENGERS -- the an-
rach, Meshach and Abednego into the furnace gels! The Messiah was NOT an angel, as the
because they refused to worship this image-- Bible clearly states -- see Hebrews 1:13, 2:5 and
they would worship YEHOVAH God only. 2:16.
It was this same Nebuchadnezzar who There are Absolutely NO direct state-
made this statement in Daniel 3:25: “...the ments to the effect that any beings existed beside
fourth looks like the SON OF THE GODS.” Are YEHOVAH God BEFORE He created the an-
we to suppose, then, that this pagan king who gels. But, there are MANY direct scriptures that
was trying to kill the servants of YEHOVAH say emphatically that YEHOVAH was ALONE
God, said” “...the fourth looks like the Messiah, at creation, and that there was NONE BESIDE
the Son of YEHOVAH”? This is EXACTLY HIM!
what the deceivers would like you to believe! 7. Many turn to John 17:5 in an attempt
YEHOVAH has many angels, and He to prove the pre-existence of the Messiah.
does send them to help us at times -- like the ones COMMENT: To the untrained mind it
YEHOVAH sent to help Lot and Abraham. The sounds as though this verse is upholding the
Bible also shows that many times these angels teaching that the Messiah pre-existed BEFORE
have the appearance of HUMAN BEINGS -- and his fleshly birth. But, by comparing the Greek
this is exactly how King Nebuchadnezzar text to the English translation and then letting
described the fourth man in Daniel 3:25. He did OTHER SCRIPTURES interpret this scripture
NOT say: “...I see the Messiah...” Neither did he for us, it becomes very obvious that this verse
say: “...I see the Son of YEHOVAH...” Do not was also TAMPERED WITH -- TWISTED to fit
let anyone to deceive you about this! prevailing pagan concepts!

The Messiah’s Pre-Existence -- Fact Or Fable?
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