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Lesson 40 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 5

trines of the Trinity and of History shows that we have
the pre-existent Messiah. Constantine the “Great” --
2. Note carefully this the so-called “savior” of
statement that the Messiah Christianity -- to thank for
made -- that also proves helping to establish a COR-
ER than YEHOVAH. Mat- Christianity that features the
thew 24:36. doctrine of a PRE-EX-
COMMENT: If ISTENT savior within a
Yeshua was -- as some teach Trinity.
today -- YEHOVAH (or 4. Another verse that is
God) of the Old Testament, used by those who have been
then he would be “the deceived by the PAGAN
Father” and he would know ideas of the translators is
the day and the hour of his found in I Timothy 3:16 in
second appearance! But he the King James version of
clearly shows here that he the Bible.
does NOT know that day COMMENT: This
and hour -- ONLY the hea- “translation” is NOT
venly Father knows. FOUND in most of the other
Similarly, if Yeshua modern versions! The Con-
had pre-existed ALONG- Constantine the “Great” -- the so- cordant Version of the
SIDE the Father from at called “savior” of Christianity. Sacred Scriptures -- written
least the Creation as an in the ancient Greek form --
equal or “second God,” then he would have been reveals that the word “WHO” -- NOT the word
a being who possessed ALL KNOWLEDGE, “God” -- was originally in the text! Furthermore,
just as the Father does, and he still would have The Emphatic Diaglott shows us that the word
known the day and the hour of his appearance. “God” was NOT in the Alexandrian Manuscript
3. The Messiah clearly had a beginning -- -- nor was it in almost all of the other ancient
and the apostle Paul tells us WHAT that begin- manuscripts.
ning was. Galatians 4:4. The CORRECT translation of this verse
COMMENT: Some translations use the should read as follows: “And without con-
word “made” -- this is somewhat deceptive. The troversy, great is the secret of holiness: HE
CORRECT translation of this verse should be: WHO WAS MANIFESTED IN THE FLESH,
“But when the APPOINTED TIME had fully was justified in spirit, was seen by angels, was
come, YEHOVAH sent forth His son, coming preached to the Gentiles, was believed on in the
into existence FROM A WOMAN, coming into world, was received up into HIS GLORY.”
existence under THE SUBJECTION OF the As you can see for yourself, there has
Law.” been BLATANT FORGERY and deception
All this was done by YEHOVAH God carried out by the translators of the New
fulfilling His PLAN for a savior -- SENT for you Testament -- deception perpetrated in order to
and me. The Messiah came into EXISTENCE in promulgate the LIE of a “pre-existent” savior
the FLESH -- and not one second before! How- who was God manifested in the flesh! Don’t fall
ever, due to the corruptions of the translators, for it!
KEY verses in the Bible were changed by 5. Those who try to deceive you will
ADDING words or by DECEPTIVE renderings. more than likely use Daniel 3:25 to “prove” that

The Messiah’s Pre-Existence -- Fact Or Fable?
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