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4 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Lesson 40

Adam, then, was the only CREATED deal with the “pre-existence” of Yeshua (while
son of YEHOVAH God, whereas Yeshua was maintaining the view of “One God”) by teaching
the only “BEGOTTEN” son of YEHOVAH God that the holy spirit is simply the influence of
after his resurrection. In Adam’s case the holy YEHOVAH God, while the Messiah was
spirit brought him to PHYSICAL life, while the created first and then he created all other things.
holy spirit brought Yeshua to SPIRITUAL life. Yeshua the Messiah, then, as a created being is a
If the Messiah existed as a person before “lesser god.”
his conception, in what sense is he -- the real Some others, such as the Seventh-Day
person -- a human being and a descendant of Adventists and many of the Churches of God,
David and Abraham? Does the Bible REALLY claim a DUALITY of Deity, claiming that
place Yeshua the Messiah in a class of being YEHOVAH God the Father and God the Son are
whose origin is OUTSIDE the human womb? deity, but deny deity to the holy spirit. The
We emphatically state that the evidence, often “Jesus Only” model suggests that the Messiah
cited from the Bible, mainly from John’s Gos- was, in fact, ALL “three” manifestations (maj-
pel, for belief in a LITERAL pre-existence for esties) God, and thus endow the attributes of
the Messiah DOES NOT stand up under close “Trinity” to the Messiah while maintaining the
examination. We maintain that the idea has to be “oneness” principle!
held PRIOR TO an investigation of the scrip- Those who perpetuated the doctrine of
tural evidence, and then READ INTO the Bible! “Holy Trinity” contained in the Nicene Creed
There is also a considerable BIAS in our described it THEMSELVES as arising from
standard Bible translations, due to the PRE- “propositions so various, so notional, that but
CONCEPTIONS of orthodoxy, that encourages few can know them, and fewer can understand
us to read the New Testament through glasses them”! Are serious Bible students supposed to
colored by later dogma. The same bias causes leave their brains at the door because men who
theologians to represent the apostles, even after championed this theology in the first place
Pentecost, as “primitive” believers struggling didn’t even understand it themselves?
towards the Trinitarian creed of the post-biblical Let us now do, what so many people in
church councils. the past failed to do -- let’s open up the word of
Few have ever tried to argue that Luke YEHOVAH God and see WHAT He really says
included in his portrait of the Messiah a SINGLE about the nature of the Messiah.
WORD suggesting that Yeshua was other than a 1. Read Hebrews 6:13, 16.
and coming into existence FOR THE FIRST we find that there was NO GREATER BEING
TIME at his conception. The SAME may be said by whom to confirm this promise to Abraham.
of Matthew’s and Mark’s accounts and of the However, this goes AGAINST the doctrines of
presentation of the Messiah in the Book of Acts. the Trinity and of the PRE-EXISTENCE -- for if
Both theologians and historians are agreed that the Messiah pre-existed as an equal to the Father
this is so: “In the Synoptics there is NO direct as many believe, this promise would have been
statement of the preexistence of Christ...They do ratified by BOTH the Father AND the Son. This
NOT anywhere declare his preexistence.” is because neither one would be greater than the
other. But, we are clearly shown in these verses

Lesson 40 that (1): Not only was the Messiah NON-
EXISTENT at the time the promise was made to
Regardless of your view on the subject of Abraham, but (2) we find that YEHOVAH the
the nature of the Messiah, certain difficult scrip- Father is GREATER than the Son. This emphat-
tures must be considered. Jehovah Witnesses ically disproves the PAGAN “Christian” doc-

The Messiah’s Pre-Existence -- Fact Or Fable?
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