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Lesson 40 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 3

The Messiah’s Pre-Existence -- Fact Or Fable?

The commonly held idea that Yeshua the this connection by calling Yeshua the “last
Messiah was alive BEFORE his conception Adam” (I Corinthians 15:45). However, prov-
raises a number of important questions regarding ing that Yeshua was unique among humanity
his Nature. Is it possible to be a human being in does NOT prove that he was actually “God in the
any meaningful sense if one does not ORIGI- flesh” or that he pre-existed in some fashion any
NATE in the womb of one’s mother? A number more than the uniqueness of Adam proved his
of leading scholars have recently thought NOT. literal pre-existence.
We can have the HUMANITY (of the In fact, it was the raw material of their
Messiah) WITHOUT the pre-existence, and we being that actually pre-existed BOTH Adam and
can have the PRE-EXISTENCE WITHOUT the the Messiah. In Adam’s case, it was the DUST
humanity. However, THERE IS ABSOLUTE- from which he was created. In the case of Ye-
LY NO WAY OF HAVING BOTH! Angels shua, it was the SPIRIT of YEHOVAH God that
belong in a category DIFFERENT from human he had in “full measure” after his anointing in 28
beings precisely because of their origin OUT- A.D. Into both examples -- a lifeless body and a
SIDE the system of human procreation. If the fully grown man -- the spirit of YEHOVAH
Messiah was really a being who changes himself “breathed.” On the one hand, YEHOVAH
(or is changed by YEHOVAH God) in order to “breathed” into Adam’s nostrils “the breath of
enter the human race through Mary -- he life.” On the other hand, YEHOVAH “breathed”
CLEARLY belongs to a category of beings into the MAN Yeshua “the life-giving spirit.”
DIFFERENT from the rest of humanity.
There are other considerations. The Mes- The first Adam was not thought of as pre-
siah, according to the Bible, was to be a DE- existent by the early Ecclesia, nor was the
SCENDANT of David, of Abraham, and the second Adam -- Yeshua the Messiah!
seed of the woman. The apostle Paul constantly
thinks of the Messiah as the LAST Adam. The
Messiah of the New Testament is the MAN who
undid Adam’s wrong. Confronted with the
but, nevertheless of his own free will, followed
Adam’s course as a FALLEN MAN to the bitter
end of death, at which time YEHOVAH God
bestowed on him the STATUS that Adam was
intended to have: YEHOVAH’s final prototype
-- the last Adam!
Adam was NOT thought of as pre-
existent -- nor was the Messiah; Adam was NOT
a copy of a pre-existent Messiah but “a type of
him who was to come” (Romans 5:14). Paul
makes it abundantly clear that the Messiah is
SECOND. The Messiah is NOT prior to Adam --
he comes AFTER Adam, he is the LAST Adam!
Adam possessed NO earthly parents but
was created FROM THE EARTH. Paul refers to

The Messiah’s Pre-Existence -- Fact Or Fable?
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