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6 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Lesson 38

fortified through years of testing. And finally the
fruit of that faith was the beginning of the great
nation of Israel through his son Isaac.
Would YOU have grown discouraged
and disheartened waiting all those years? Not
Abraham! He didn’t even consider the outward
circumstances. Physically speaking, the birth of
Isaac would have been IMPOSSIBLE! But
to provide a son -- and HE BELIEVED YEHO-
VAH GOD! (Genesis 15:6.)
What an inspiring EXAMPLE of LIV-
ING FAITH! There was NO DOUBT in
Abraham’s mind -- no fear or anxiety about the
outcome. In his heart, he KNEW YEHOVAH
God had PROMISED, and that He COULD
We need to ask ourselves whether we
really BELIEVE YEHOVAH God. Do we really
CLAIM His promises like Abraham?
Abram leaving Haran and going to the land of
Canaan. Abraham’s Supreme Test

UNCONDITIONAL. YEHOVAH God did not stop in testing
4. Did YEHOVAH God promise Abra-
ham and his wife, Sarah, a son THROUGH Abraham with Isaac’s birth. He wanted to be
WHOM his family would grow great? Genesis QUESTIONING, FAITHFUL obedience!
17:15-16, 19. How old were they then? Verse Notice how Abraham reacted to one of
17. the greatest tests ever placed on a human being.
5. Did both Abraham and Sarah TRUST
1. Did YEHOVAH God tell Abraham to
YEHOVAH God in FAITH for the son which actually SACRIFICE Isaac -- the son whom he
He had promised, despite their old age? Romans loved and had waited for so long? Genesis
4:18-21 and Hebrews 11:11-12. How old was 22:1-2.
Abraham when Isaac was born? Genesis 21:5. COMMENT: The word “tempt” in
Notice that Sarah was well past the age of verse 1 means to TRY or TEST. YEHOVAH
child-bearing, which made this a MIRACLE in tempts no man to make him fall. When the King
itself! James translation was made in 1611, the word
COMMENT: Abraham was 75 years
old when he was called into the land of promise “tempt” meant to try, or test.
2. Did Abraham OBEDIENTLY follow
(Genesis 12:4). He waited patiently and FAITH- YEHOVAH’s orders concerning Isaac? Genesis
FULLY -- 25 long, LONG years -- for the son 22:3.
through whom his family would grow as COMMENT: Abraham did not hesitate
numerous as the sand by the sea. and begin to REASON within himself. He didn’t
During those 25 long years, Abraham
demonstrated faith in YEHOVAH God by his allow negative and rebellious carnal thoughts to
flow through his mind to prevent him from
OBEDIENCE. This faith grew and grew. It was
following through with YEHOVAH’s orders.

What It Means To “Live By Faith”
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