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Lesson 38 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 5

and they’re ignorant of His great POWER to out of the land in which he was residing?
intervene in their lives! Genesis. 2:1. Did Abraham ARGUE with YE-
The first step, then, is to search the HOVAH God about leaving? Or did he, in
Scriptures to LEARN what is YEHOVAH’s FAITH, simply DO as YEHOVAH commanded
will. him? Hebrews 11:8 and Genesis 12:4-5.
9. How can we be ABSOLUTELY (Canaan was the land known as Palestine today.)
CERTAIN YEHOVAH God will perform His 2. Did YEHOVAH promise to make of
promises given in the Bible? Hebrews 6:18. Abraham a GREAT NATION, and to bless him
COMMENT: YEHOVAH God is exceedingly? Genesis 12:2. Did he BELIEVE
perfect, holy and righteous character. YEHO- YEHOVAH God? Genesis 15:5-6.
VAH CANNOT lie because He has WILLED 3. Did YEHOVAH God also promise
NOT TO! Therefore, you can KNOW YEHO- Abraham the land of Canaan, or Palestine, as an
VAH will perform what He promises since He inheritance? Genesis 12:7. Upon what CON-
will not lie! YEHOVAH God will NEVER DITION? Genesis 17:1-2. Notice the words,
BREAK a promise!
We can have absolute con-
fidence -- POSITIVE FAITH -- that
YEHOVAH will always do whatever
He has promised.
And so we might sum up
YEHOVAH’s definition of faith in
this way: Faith is assurance that
YEHOVAH’s Word is TRUE, that His
promises are SURE, and that it is IM-
TO LIE! This assurance, this RELI-

Abraham -- “Father” of the Ur seen across the Royal tombs, with the Great Ziggurat in
Faithful the background. The was the birthplace of faithful Abra-
Of all the examples of LIVING
faith recorded in the Bible, Abraham’s “WALK before me, and be thou PERFECT," in
life is one of the most outstanding. verse 1. Was this promise later to expand and
Abraham has ALREADY qualified to spread until it ultimately included inheritance of
fill one of the very top positions in YEHO- the WHOLE earth? Genesis 22:17 and Romans
VAH’s Kingdom immediately under the Mes- 4:13.
siah, when he is resurrected at Yeshua’s second COMMENT: In making His original
appearance and YEHOVAH’s return. He qual- promise to Abraham, YEHOVAH God con-
ified by having UNQUESTIONING, ACTIVE ditioned it upon OBEDIENCE. And Abraham
FAITH in the promises of YEHOVAH God. obeyed! He left his native land, his friends and
Let’s begin to learn how Abraham relatives, his old ways of life -- he FORSOOK
became known as the “FATHER” -- the fore- ALL and followed where YEHOVAH led.
runner -- of all the faithful. But YEHOVAH did not stop here in
1. Did YEHOVAH God call Abraham testing Abraham before making the promise

What It Means To “Live By Faith”
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