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4 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Lesson 38

YEHOVAH Defines Faith SHALL have it, BEFORE you even SEE it. It is
The eleventh chapter of Hebrews is often do not HAVE it. You do not SEE it, or FEEL it --
referred to as the “faith” chapter of the Bible. In yet faith is your EVIDENCE that you shall have
it the apostle Paul reminds us of the many it.
inspiring examples of LIVING faith displayed Having the thing hoped for -- SEEING it
by men of YEHOVAH God in Old Testament -- is not faith. Faith PRECEDES possession,
times. whether physical or spiritual, because faith is
And in this chapter is contained YEHO- ABSOLUTE CONFIDENCE -- ASSURANCE
VAH’S DEFINITION of faith. Let’s begin to -- YOU SHALL possess it!
understand what faith really is. 6. Does having faith toward YEHOVAH
1. Is “faith toward God” one of the God mean we BELIEVE YEHOVAH exists and
foundational principles -- one of the elementary that He REWARDS US both in this life and in
truths or doctrines -- of the Bible? Hebrews 6:1. the life to come as long as we sincerely serve and
2. Does YEHOVAH God also tell us it is OBEY Him? Hebrews 11:6.
IMPOSSIBLE to please Him WITHOUT faith? COMMENT: Faith is not something
Hebrews 11:6. you try to make yourself THINK YOU have
3. Then do spirit-begotten Christians when you really don’t have it.
“walk” -- LIVE their lives -- by faith? Romans Faith is expressed in ABSOLUTE RE-
1:17 and II Corinthians 5:7. Do they seek and COGNITION that YEHOVAH God exists and
look forward to promises and rewards which are that He blesses us for our OBEDIENCE TO His
NOT SEEN? Colossians 3:1-4. laws. This faith is ACQUIRED. You cannot
4. Did Paul elsewhere verify the fact that HYPNOTIZE yourself into receiving that kind
Christians seek after the REAL, but “unseen” of faith.
rewards and promises of YEHOVAH God? II 7. Did Noah have this kind of faith when
Corinthians 4:18. he built the ark YEHOVAH God had command-
COMMENT: True Christians look for- ed? Hebrews 11:7. Did he have any PHYSICAL
ward to blessings and rewards which are real and EVIDENCE that a flood would come? Same
tangible, but SPIRITUAL -- “UNSEEN”! verse. Notice the words “things not seen as yet."
5. Do the above scriptures confirm COMMENT: Faith is a trust and con-
YEHOVAH’s DEFINITION of faith? Hebrews fidence in the invisible God to perform what He
11:1. has NOT YET done, and which mortal flesh
COMMENT: Faith is the SUB- CANNOT do!
STANCE -- more accurately rendered ASSUR- 8. How does this kind of believing faith
ANCE, or CONFIDENCE -- “of things HOPED BEGIN to come into our hearts and minds?
for.” You do not HOPE for that which you Romans 10:17 and Ephesians 5:17.
already HAVE. So faith comes BEFORE COMMENT: Faith is the ASSUR-
possession. Before you receive what you hope ANCE that what YEHOVAH God promises in
for, you already have it in substance, and that His Word He will perform. But before you can
SUBSTANCE -- that ASSURANCE, or con- KNOW what YEHOVAH will perform, you
fidence that YOU SHALL possess it -- is first need to know WHAT YEHOVAH PROM-
Then again, faith is an EVIDENCE -- Here is one reason why so many lack
“the evidence of things NOT SEEN." Faith faith today. They are not familiar with the many
PRECEDES the actual receiving of what you examples of living faith contained in the Bible.
hope for. And faith is the EVIDENCE YOU They’re ignorant of YEHOVAH’s PROMISES

What It Means To “Live By Faith”
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