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Lesson 38 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 3

What It Means To “Live By Faith”


YEHOVAH God purposes that you
GROW in spiritual grace and knowledge so you
will be prepared, trained and fitted for a position
of responsibility in His ruling Kingdom!
The Christian life is a new and different
life -- an OVERCOMING life. Sin must be torn
out root and branch! And it must all be done
But what IS faith? Exactly what KIND of
faith do we need to please YEHOVAH God -- to
live the OBEDIENT, overcoming Christian life
outlined in the Bible?
Before we learn the answer, let’s be sure
we understand what faith is NOT!

What Faith Is NOT!

Faith is NOT the “power of positive
thinking”! This is man’s method of self- Many assume they can “work up” faith through
deception -- deceiving himself into believing he emotionalism. Here is a common pseudo- spirit-
is getting “better and better, in every way, every ual meeting.
day.” of having faith. They are in the class of what can
You may have heard this type of thinking be seen, heard, tasted, smelled, or felt.
called “bootstrapism” -- trying to pull yourself Faith is a SPIRITUAL matter -- NOT
up by your own bootstraps. In other words, PHYSICAL!
trying to improve and overcome BY YOUR Then to LIVE BY FAITH certainly does
OWN POWER. NOT mean that you go around with some
This method builds confidence in SELF. sentimental FEELING, act in a sanctimonious
The wisest man who ever lived knew the manner which most people call “spiritual,” or
difference between confidence in the self and the follow after physical or mental signs!
RIGHT KIND of confidence. King Solomon In this lesson of the Hope of Israel Bible
called the person who trusts in his OWN heart a Correspondence Course, you will learn exactly
“FOOL”! (Proverbs 28:26.) what KIND of faith YEHOVAH God wants you
Many people often make the mistake of to have WHY YOU need it, HOW to receive it,
confusing faith with EMOTIONS. They try to and how to LIVE by it!
“work up faith,” which to them means an For WITHOUT LIVING FAITH, you’ll
emotional feeling. never be born into YEHOVAH’s glorious
Sanctimonious sentimentality, feelings Kingdom as a powerful, RULING Son of
and emotions ARE OF THE FLESH -- not of the YEHOVAH God!
spirit of YEHOVAH God which is from
ABOVE! These feelings are not the EVIDENCE

What It Means To “Live By Faith”
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