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6 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Lesson 34

Horse of Revelation Appeared? By William T. Other passages in the Bible reinforce this
Donahue). concept.
Instead of stumbling around from one 5. Notice Isaiah 31:1.
interpretation to another in utter confusion, let us COMMENT: Note the words, “rely on
look more closely at this horse and rider of horses...because they are very strong.”
Revelation 6:2. Let us determine -- using the 6. Read Jeremiah 4:13.
guide -- the TRUTH about this age-old enigma! horses are swifter than eagles.”
7. Also check out Jeremiah 12:5, Hosea
The HORSE as a Biblical Symbol 14:3 and Psalm 33:17.
COMMENT: Characterized as he is by
1. To correctly understand this portion of strength combined with speed and fearlessness,
the Book of Revelation, we need to learn the the horse aptly symbolizes that form of spiritual
significance of the horse as a Biblical symbol. vitality and power that sustains, energizes and
For this information we must turn to the Old carries forward -- despite all that opposes it. It
Testament because the horse is not mentioned in represents a GREAT SPIRITUAL MOVE-
the New -- except in Revelation. Job 39:19-22. MENT, whether good or evil. It is apparent that
COMMENT: Here YEHOVAH God this horse of Revelation 6:2 presents a prophetic
holds the horse up to admiration because of its picture of the MIGHTY SPIRITUAL INFLU-
STRENGTH, its UTTER FEARLESSNESS, ENCES, agencies or powers, that were to arise
and its refusal to be turned back by any form of and go forth into the whole world at the
danger. beginning of the “Christian Era” -- and which
2. YEHOVAH further speaks of the were to impart to that era those special
horse’s IRRESISTIBLE DETERMINATION characteristics whereby it is SET APART from
and POWER TO ADVANCE in the face of all previous periods in the world’s history.
armed resistance. Job 39:24-25.
COMMENT: These verses show that The Color WHITE
the horse is, first of all, the SYMBOL of
strength, might or force of a certain kind for Revelation 6:2 states that its horse is
conquest and for progress. WHITE in color. What does the color white
3. The symbol of the horse and rider is as represent?
old as Jacob’s prophecy in Genesis 49:17. We have already seen that some insist
4. The same figure, in a similar sense, is that the color white represents impurity and that
found in the Song of Moses when the Israelites the white horse of the first seal pictures “those
reached the far side of the Red Sea. Exodus preaching a false Christ, different from the
15:1. Christ of the New Testament!” Can this be true?
COMMENT: From this we get the Does the Bible indicate that the color white
distinct idea that the horse represents the represents impurity?
progress of some GREAT ENTERPRISE 1. Read II Chronicles 5:12.
backed by strong military power. Therefore, COMMENT: Here we see the Levites
anything that is pictured in the Bible as being dressed in WHITE linen. Who were the Levites?
carried forward by a horse is a MOVEMENT The Levites were priests CHOSEN BY
that is sustained by MIGHTY POWER -- one YEHOVAH God in place of all the firstborn of
that advances into conflict against the opposing the other tribes.
forces with fearlessness and with great 2. Notice what Isaiah says in Isaiah
prospects of success. 1:16-18.

The White Horse of Revelation 6:2
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