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Lesson 34 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 5

your right hand will instruct you in
fear-inspiring things. Your arrows
are sharp -- under you peoples keep
falling -- in the heart of the enemies
of the king. God is your throne to
time indefinite, even forever; the
scepter of your kingship is a scepter
of uprightness. You have loved
righteousness and you hate wicked-
ness. That is why God, your God,
has anointed you with the oil of
exultation more than your part-
ners.’ The prophetic words are
applied more than five hundred
years later by the writer of Hebrews The winged horse Pegasus. Some claim this mythic horse is
1:1, 2, 8, 9 to Jesus Christ, the Son the white horse of Revelation 6!
of God. In agreement with this fact,
other details of the vision to John fulfilling of all things, the return of Christ,
prove that THE RIDER OF THE WHITE Krishna, Buddha, Universal Love. As we look to
HORSE IS THE GLORIFIED HEAVENLY the stars, we see the horse, and IT IS PEGASUS.
SON OF GOD, ‘the Lion that is of the tribe of “Michel Mayor, and Didier Queloz of
Judah.’ the General Observatory in Switzerland have
“....the rider on the white horse, Jesus reported the discovery of a large planet around a
Christ, would be used by Jehovah God TO star in the PEGASUS constellation. This is
OVERTHROW BABYLON THE GREAT, the confirmed by astronomers in the US. ‘They do
world empire of false religion, and then AS THE know that its behavior is unlike anything in the
GREATER CYRUS, to liberate Jehovah’s solar system.’ Two teams of astronomers have
people from her control” (1969, pp. 39-40, 42). made independent observations that they say
Funk and Wagnalls New Encyclopedia establish for the first time, the existence of a
has yet another version -- planet around a star similar to the sun. Consider
“In the sixth chapter of his apocalyptic this. For the first time, a planet orbiting a sun like
vision of God’s purpose in the world, Saint John earth, has been found. It is found in THE SIGN
the Divine describes four horses, signifying OF THE HORSE, PEGASUS. It is found in the
respectively war (a red horse), CIVIL STRIFE (a age of AQUARIUS. I ask you to consider this,
white horse), hunger (a black horse), and death the constellation PEGASUS, is in the Zodiacal
(a pale horse). The horses and their riders are Constellation, AQUARIUS.
frequently depicted in art and have come to be a “This planet appears white from the
symbol of THE EVILS OF THE EARTHLY earth, it looks like a star. Nothing like it has been
WORLD” (volume 10, p. 217). seen. It is white, and it is right where the
What utter confusion ! prophecy of Revelation says it would be, in the
Moving now to the realm of the bizarre, sign of the Horse. PEGASUS. THE WHITE
we find this gem of convoluted reasoning: HORSE HAS ARRIVED. Think of the astrono-
“ Genesis 1:14, the scripture talks mers. They are so excited over this discover.
about the stars and says, ‘let them be for signs’. Suddenly, behold this new planet appears. Now
Thus we look to the stars for the horse who will read Revelation 19:11, “And I saw heaven open,
bring forth the sign, or direction of God, of the and behold, A WHITE HORSE” (Has the White

The White Horse of Revelation 6:2
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