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2 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Lesson 34

An Open Letter from the Staff...

In the Book of Revelation we find a dis-
turbing vision of four fearsome horsemen (Reve-
lation 6:1-8). Each of these horsemen is a SYM-
BOL of four major spiritual agencies that have
determined the character of the so-called Christian
Age from the time of the Messiah down to the
present. The first -- and GREATEST -- in its effect
is the WHITE HORSE, followed by the red, black
and pale.
Over the centuries the enigmatic “four
horsemen of the Apocalypse” have excited and
PUZZLED students of the Bible -- causing much HOPE OF ISRAEL MINISTRIES
debate and controversy over their meaning. One
horse in particular -- the WHITE HORSE -- has BIBLE
been at the center of this controversy. No one, it CORRESPONDENCE COURSE
seems, has been able to CORRECTLY discern the LESSON 34
exciting TRUTH about this horse!
Some people view Revelation as being so
Published at Arcadia, California by Hope of
highly symbolic that it cannot be understood, or
Israel Ministries (Ecclesia of YEHOVAH).
they take little care in interpreting it to come up
with fantastic and ERRONEOUS results. But YE- EDITOR AND DIRECTOR
HOVAH God wants His people to understand, and
John D. Keyser
He caused the Bible to be written to be understood
and to provide guidance for them.
The KEY to understanding the Book of TECHNICAL ADVISOR
Revelation is the SAME as the key to under- Sean C. Keyser
stand other parts of the Bible -- YOU MUST
BIBLE! If we diligently search the Scriptures others. Bulk copies for distribution not
we will uncover in them the things used as given or sold.
symbols in the Book of Revelation. By ADDRESS COMMUNICATIONS to the
comparing these Scripture texts we can clearly Editor at the following address:
UNDERSTAND what the Revelation symbols Hope of Israel Ministries, P.O. Box 2186,
mean. Temple City, California 91780, U.S.A.
The apostle John was steeped in the _________________________________
Old Testament and draws on the rich evocative
imagery of the prophets. He knew -- as certain- About Our Cover...
ly as Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Daniel
knew -- that what he wrote was directly given In the Book of Revelation we find a dis-
him by YEHOVAH God and stamped with turbing vision of four fearsome horsemen
His authority. So with this in mind, let us delve (6:1-8). The first and greatest in its effect is
into one of the most mysterious and awesome the TRUE gospel (the WHITE horse) --
of the four horsemen -- the WHITE HORSE of followed by strife, heresies and death!
Revelation 6!

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