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6 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Lesson 32

“theory” means “WE THINK”) states simply, Aristotle claimed that worms were
that all life forms that we know today, including generated by moist soil. “Man,” he speculated,
humankind, all plant and animal life in all of its “may have a similar origin.” He refused to
myriad species, have gradually EVOLVED believe that life can come only from life!
from the most simple life forms to the complex, Aristotle’s vain speculations, and similar
intricate, interdependent species, or “kinds,” we absurdities, were blindly accepted as truth for
see around us today, each having its own many centuries!
peculiar cyclical life character, each reproducing In 1668, the Italian, Redi, took the first
according to its own kind. important step toward the refutation of this old
Evolution states that this life evolved in a pagan idea. By placing gauze over a jar of meat,
“gradual process," by “RESIDENT FORCES” he prevented flies from depositing their eggs on
into the complexity of life today. the meat. He thus prevented the hatching of
And herein, at the very basic TRUNK maggots, which people had been led to assume
OF THE TREE of all evolutionary thought, lies would spring SPONTANEOUSLY as “new life"
one of the GREATEST PROOFS of YEHO- from dead matter.
VAH God and the inspiration of the Bible! After the microscope was invented in
1683, the masterly work of Tyndall and Louis
The Law of Biogenesis Pasteur proved conclusively that the “Law of
Biogenesis" held true for MICROSCOPIC
There is an absolute, demonstrable law forms of life as well!
of science which comprises a major proof of the Evolutionists, geneticists, biologists,
existence of a life-giving God! scientists in any field whatsoever, have never
That is the Law of Biogenesis! been able to demonstrate, nor to offer the
“Bio” means life. “Genesis” means slightest evidence that the LIVING can come
beginning. This law, then, is a law concerning into existence from the NOT-LIVING!
the BEGINNING of life! This law, simply George Wald, one-time Professor of
stated, is the absolute law that LIFE COMES Biology at Harvard University, admitted: “One
ONLY FROM LIFE (BIOLOGY, Villee, p. 18). has only to contemplate the magnitude of this
That the not-living can NEVER give rise to, give task to concede that the spontaneous generation
birth to, or produce the living. There is perhaps of a living organism is IMPOSSIBLE. Yet here
no law known to science that can be any more we are as a result, I believe, of spontaneous
firmly and easily DEMONSTRATED than the generation" (The Physics of Life, p. 9). Notice
Law of Biogenesis. that some scientists are so steeped in the Theory
Science once used to believe the ridic- of Evolution, they cannot bring themselves to
ulous theory of “spontaneous generation” -- that fully accept the absolutely irrefutable proof of
life sprang from non-living matter. Aristotle, the scientific laboratory experiments!
embodiment of all that the ancient world knew It is true that certain laboratory experi-
of natural science, expressly taught that the ments have taken place in which SUPPOSED
lower forms of life sprang spontaneously from “dead cells” are said to have been “revived” and
DEAD, lifeless matter. brought back to life by the means of certain
According to Aristotle, “Larvae of the chemical compounds. This, however, is a FAR
bee or wasp, ticks, fireflies and many other CRY from “spontaneous generation"!
insects develop from the morning dew, or from There is a broad, gaping, yawning chasm
decaying slime and manure, or from dry wood, of separation between LIFE and DEATH. The
hair, sweat, and meat" (The Origin of Life, A. I. great gap between the not-living and the living is

Evolution -- Fact? Or Fabrication?
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