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Lesson 32 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 5

EXISTENCE! Here is what scientist Sir James God and the Bible from the minds of men?
Jeans admits about the origin of matter: Revelation 12:9.
“Everything points with overwhelming force to 3. Will YEHOVAH soon STOP Satan
a definite event, or series of events OF from deceiving mankind? Revelation 20:1-3.
CREATION at some time or times, not COMMENT: The Theory of Evolution
indefinitely remote. The universe CANNOT won’t be taught as if it were fact in the World
have arisen by chance out of its present Tomorrow! When Yeshua the Messiah and
ingredients, and neither can it have always been YEHOVAH God return to this earth, all
the same as now." mankind will learn the truth that YEHOVAH IS
and REQUIRES a Creator! That which is made
requires a Maker! That which is produced What Is “Evolution”?
requires a Producer!
Matter, it has been firmly established, Before seeing the amazing, irrefutable
has been MADE -- it did not just “happen” and proof that YEHOVAH God is also the great
has had no past eternity! Therefore, here is LIFEGIVER and that His biblical record of the
irrefutable proof that ALL CREATION ORIGIN of life is true, it is first necessary to
REQUIRES A GREAT CREATOR! state, in simple terms, the meaning of the word
YEHOVAH God Is the Creator Of course, there are many processes
called “evolution.” The process of the
1. Does YEHOVAH God reveal that HE development of music from simple to complex
created all things? Genesis 1:1. is, in a sense, an “evolutionary” process. This, as
COMMENT: The FIRST FOUR is true in all technological inventions, has
WORDS you read in your Bible are, “In the perhaps led many to ASSUME such a
beginning GOD ...”! YEHOVAH reveals to you development is also true in organic, LIVING
that He DOES exist. This is the very FIRST material!
thing He tells you. Now read the next six words, Here, simply stated, is the BASIC
“... CREATED the heaven and the earth.” CONCEPT of the Theory of Evolution:
YEHOVAH tells you that He is the “Evolution is the gradual development from the
Creator! The Great First Cause, who CREATED simple, unorganized condition of primal matter
matter, stands revealed as the SUPREME to the complex structure of the physical
INTELLIGENCE and ARCHITECT OF THE universe; an in like manner, from the beginning
UNIVERSE! of organic life on the habitable planet, a gradual
But the universally accepted Theory of unfolding and branching out into all the various
Evolution has been so firmly implanted in forms of beings which constitute the animal and
peoples’ minds, even you may still tend to plant kingdoms" (Organic Evolution, Lull, p.
QUESTION the validity of these first two great 6).
revelations of YEHOVAH God Almighty! Notice it! Evolution theorizes FROM
to lead you to think “the Bible doesn’t MEAN already having LIFE with which to begin! It
what it says -- that there really is NO God after does not now show, nor has it ever shown, nor
all!" will it ever be ABLE to show how life CAME
2. Who is the actual GUIDING FORCE into existence!
behind this diabolical plot to erase YEHOVAH The Theory of Evolution (the word

Evolution -- Fact? Or Fabrication?
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