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Lesson 32 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 3

Evolution -- Fact? Or Fabrication?

LESSON 32 Word of YEHOVAH God which states that HE
CREATED the entire universe. It is founded
Science Gone Amuck upon the Theory of Evolution which denies the
PROOF that YEHOVAH is the Creator, and
The apostle Paul warns you to be on rejects the PLAIN STATEMENTS of the Bible
guard against the OPPOSITION that “science” about the origin and history of the earth.
makes against taking the Word of YEHOVAH But scientists ASSUME all this without
God -- the Bible -- LITERALLY. Of this he the SCIENTIFIC PROOF they demand on
says, “... avoiding profane and vain babblings, material questions. It’s about time we QUIT
and oppositions of science falsely so called: ASSUMING -- it’s time we begin to really
Which some professing have ERRED PROVE ALL THINGS! (I Thessalonians
concerning the faith ..." (I Timothy 6:20-21). 5:21.)
Evolutionary science rejects the revealed The POSITIVE PROOF of the existence
of YEHOVAH God and His inspiration of the
Torah (Old Testament) is so broad, so all-
encompassing, so diverse in its many rami-
ary science offers the Evolution Theory in an
fications, that it is possible only to barely
attempt to explain away YEHOVAH’s true record
SCRATCH THE SURFACE in this brief lesson!
of creation. As with so many “theories,” Evolu-
So now let’s begin this amazing study
tion is merely as ASSUMPTION. There is not one
and learn how YEHOVAH’s Creation proves
SHRED of TANGIBLE scientific proof to back its
the Bible is true.
fantastic claims!
Creation Demands a CREATOR

Evolutionists, in their vain attempts to
substantiate the Theory of Evolution, are always
FORCED to begin with an orderly universe, and
the EXISTENCE OF MATTER. The Theory of
Evolution BEGINS with matter, laws, and
“simple” life!
But what IS matter?
Matter occupies space and has weight. It
is not always necessarily seen, since certain
gases, and even the air which you breathe, are
also classified as “matter.”
Until recently, scientists talked of the
law of the “conservation of matter.” However,
with the discoveries in nuclear physics, and
following Madame Curie’s experiments with
radium, scientists have now found there IS a
certain amount of “disintegration” in matter!
This deterioration of RADIOACTIVE
matter is a scientific fact! Uranium (U 238)

Evolution -- Fact? Or Fabrication?
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