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6 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Lesson 29

Before You Begin way. And YOU CAN QUICKLY REVIEW
YOUR LESSONS if you have them in this form.
This lesson is intended to direct you to Keep these lessons and your notes
the BIBLE -- to help you learn the truth of fastened in a three-ring loose-leaf binder for
YEHOVAH’s Word. Here is the method of future reference.
Is your Bible in front of you? If not, GET COMPREHENSIVE, TRUE OUTLINE OF
your Bible BEFORE YOU CONTINUE WITH THE BIBLE. We know of no other place where
THIS LESSON! Also several sheets of notebook you can obtain it! You will want to refer to these
paper, and a pencil or pen, so you can MAKE lessons AND YOUR OWN NOTES from time
NOTES to help you remember what you learn. to time as you apply them to clear up related
(This course, for the most part, is based on the points in the Bible.
King James Version of the Bible because we And remember, you are to spend at least
find its text, in general, the most accurate.) one half hour EVERY day studying YOUR
REMEMBER -- you must open your BIBLE with this Correspondence Course.
Bible to EVERY passage we give you in answer Now let’s begin the lesson!
to the questions we ask. You must read, and
REREAD, and actually STUDY EVERY Lesson 29
PASSAGE IN YOUR BIBLE. Don’t forget that Coming Kingdom Proclaimed
this is a BIBLE STUDY course -- a STUDY of
the BIBLE, not just a study of the lessons we 1. Does YEHOVAH God intervene in
send you. world affairs without first revealing it to His
Now, with your Bible, a good prophets? Amos 3:7.
DICTIONARY, and your notebook paper and 2. Hundreds of years ago did ISAIAH,
pencil or pen on a desk or table before you, here the prophet, FORESEE a time when YEHO-
is how you begin this study: Write down, neatly, VAH God shall establish His Kingdom here on
on your paper, the caption “Lesson 29" and earth? Isaiah 2:1-4. Is it pictured as being a
underscore it. Under that, write down the lesson LITERAL KINGDOM ON EARTH? (The
title, and then beneath that the first question mountains referred to here symbolically repre-
section heading. Finally, number each question sent kingdoms or nations. See Daniel 2:35, 44.)
AND WRITE DOWN THE ANSWER TO Will there be strife and war in YEHOVAH’s
EACH in your own handwriting. As an Kingdom as there is now among nations? Verse
EXAMPLE, for the first question section, this is 4.
what you will write on your paper: “Coming 3. Is YEHOVAH’s rule over this earth
Kingdom Proclaimed.” Then write: FORETOLD BY ZECHARIAH? Read
1. Amos 3:7 -- “Surely the Lord God will Zechariah 14:9. Will other kingdoms still be in
do nothing, but He revealeth His secret unto His existence when the Messiah BEGINS to set up
servants the prophets." his Father’s rule? Daniel 7:27. What will happen
Also write in any other thoughts you to them? Does all this indicate that Daniel knew
want to remember as you go along. STUDY and YEHOVAH’s Kingdom would be a LITERAL
UNDERSTAND each question and answer. kingdom with POWER over all the nations?
Be SURE to WRITE OUT the scriptures 4. Did DAVID speak of YEHOVAH
which answer each question. Writing down God ruling over the earth? Psalm 67:4.
every word of each Bible passage and your own 5. Did MICAH say YEHOVAH God
comments takes a little more time, but you will would establish His Kingdom ON THE EARTH
really LEARN and REMEMBER the Bible that in the future? Micah 4:1-5.

What Do You Mean -- “The Kingdom of YEHOVAH God”?
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