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Lesson 28 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 3

Avoid a Counterfeit Baptism!

Before You Begin And now for the lesson itself.

This lesson is intended to direct you to Lesson 28
YOUR BIBLE. Here is the method of study: Origin of Infant Baptism
Remember -- you are to open your Bible
to every passage. Never say to yourself, “Oh, I Where did the practice of infant baptism
think I know what the verse is referring to" -- and originate? Was it commanded by YEHOVAH
then pass over the scripture. Don’t forget that God? Or is it a “commandment” of MEN? Let us
this is a BIBLE STUDY course -- not just a study examine HISTORY and learn the TRUTH!
of the lessons we send you. You need to “KEEP The common practice of infant baptism
YOUR NOSE IN THE BIBLE,” so to speak. gradually evolved from the false pagan concept
You should read AND reread and STUDY each that all are born with the inherent sin (“original
passage referred to in this lesson. MEDITATE sin”) of Adam, and unless baptized, the
on the new knowledge you will learn, especially individual is eternally lost because of Adam’s
within the following twenty-four hours, and in sin.
your time of prayer -- SO YOU WON’T Infant baptism actually makes YEHO-
FORGET IT! Make YEHOVAH’s Word A VAH God appear as unfair because it implies
PART OF YOU! that sin and the resultant death penalty are due to
Here is the method of taking effective ONE MAN AND WOMAN -- Adam and Eve --
notes: Write down neatly on your paper the title and have been passed on to all their descendants.
of the lesson and underscore it. Next write down NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM
the lesson number. Then as you come to each THE TRUTH!
question section, write down its heading. Then, Through Adam “sin ENTERED into the
underneath, number each question as you come world” because Adam was the FIRST MAN to
to it. FOR EACH question write down the sin. But the death penalty has come on everyone
answer from your Bible, together with any because “ALL have sinned” (Romans 5:12).
pertinent ideas that come to your mind. In his History of the Christian Church,
Writing down every word of each Bible the church historian Neander accounts for the
passage, and any comments you wish to make as early introduction of infant baptism as follows:
you go along, will aid you greatly in “...from the want of duly distinguishing
REVIEWING and remembering later on. Be between what is outward and what is inward in
SURE TO STUDY the scripture which answers baptism -- the baptism by water, and the baptism
each question, if you have not done so with by the Spirit -- the opinion (of the Roman
previous lessons. Church) became more fully established, that
This lesson, like all others, is extremely without external baptism no one could be
important to you. Have you PRAYED to delivered from that inherent guilt (“original
YEHOVAH God for understanding? If not, go sin”), or could be saved from the everlasting
now to a private place, kneel down, and ask Him punishment that threatened him, or raised to
for spiritual UNDERSTANDING and wisdom. eternal life; and when the notion of MAGICAL
Ask YEHOVAH to HELP YOU grasp and INFLUENCE, a CHARM connected with the
APPLY the knowledge this lesson will reveal to SACRAMENTS, continually gained ground, the
you in the Bible! theory was finally evolved of the unconditional

Avoid a Counterfeit Baptism!
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