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Lesson 25 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 5

stationery all in front of you, here is the this Greek word into English, when they made
METHOD of study. Write down neatly on your the English Bible, selected the English word
paper the lesson TITLE. Next write down the “hell” to represent this Greek word “gehenna”.
lesson number. As you come to each question 3. Did the Messiah repeat a third time,
section, write down ITS HEADING. Then, at the for the greatest emphasis, that anyone who
lefthand margin, print the NUMBER OF EACH PERSISTENTLY SERVES SIN will receive
QUESTION as you come to it, and WRITE this punishment by gehenna “FIRE” -- “HELL
DOWN THE BIBLE ANSWERS, together with fire”? Verse 47.
any PERTINENT IDEAS that may come to your COMMENT: Again, the Greek word
mind. which Mark used in this verse was GEHENNA.
TURE which answers each question. Writing the FIRE!!
answers and any comments you wish to make as
you go along WILL HELP YOU GREATLY IN English Word “Hell” Misapplied
YOU LEARN. On the use of the word “hell” in the New
Now we are ready to begin this lesson. and Old Testament, let’s read what an
outstanding Bible Dictionary, called A
The Messiah Spoke of “Hell Fire” Dictionary of the Bible edited by James
Hastings, a leading authority on such technical
1. What PUNISHMENT did the Messiah matters, says. Keep in mind, as we read his
warn would happen to those who would not material, that the Old Testament was originally
QUIT SINNING? Mark 9:43. Did he say they written in the Hebrew language, and that the
would “go into HELL"? And did he say there New Testament was originally written in the
would be a FIRE there? Same verse. Greek language.
Then there really is a HELL, since THE Hastings says: “In our Authorized
MESSIAH says so, isn’t there? Version the word ‘hell’ is unfortunately used as
COMMENT: “Hell” is an English the rendering OF THREE DISTINCT WORDS,
word. When Mark recorded these words the WITH DIFFERENT IDEAS [or MEANINGS].
Messiah had spoken, he wrote them in the It represents, 1. the ‘sheol’ [grave] of the
GREEK language. The Greek word which Mark Hebrew Old Testament, and the ‘hades’ [grave]
was inspired to write down, which was in the [original Greek] New Testament...It is
translated “hell,” was “gehenna”. And since this now AN ENTIRELY MISLEADING REN-
same verse also says the sinner is “to go into hell, DERING, especially in the New Testament
INTO THE FIRE,” it follows that the Messiah passages. The English revisers, therefore, have
clearly stated here that those who sin will receive substituted [the original Greek word] ‘hades’ for
punishment by FIRE as their ultimate reward. [the word] ‘hell’ in the New Testament
Note that the Messiah associated the Greek word discarded in this connection....
“gehenna” with FIRE. “The word ‘hell’ is used 2. as equivalent
2. Did the Messiah, FOR GREATER to [the Greek word] ‘tartaros’ (II Peter 2:4), [a
EMPHASIS, repeat, in Mark 9:45, that this place of RESTRAINT for fallen angels which
punishment by fire would befall those who occurs only once in the Bible]...and, 3. More
CONTINUE to sin? properly as the equivalent of [the Greek word]
COMMENT: Mark wrote down the ‘gehenna’ [GEHENNA-FIRE PUNISH-
SAME Greek word “gehenna” here in verse 45 MENT]...."
that he used in verse 43. Those who translated

What is “Hell”?
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