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4 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Lesson 25

including Dante, believed he had received some LOST IN TORMENTING “HELL FIRE”!
measure of divine inspiration." Can you really believe THAT IS the plan
PLATO was a pagan Greek philosopher, by which an all-wise, all-merciful, LOVING
born in Athens, 427 B.C., a student of Socrates. GOD IS working out His purpose here below?
He wrote the famous book, Phaedo, on the WHAT IS THE TRUTH?
immortality of the soul, and THIS book is the We face these alternatives: Either the
real origin of the modern belief in the Holy Bible is the INSPIRED Word of
immortality of the soul. YEHOVAH God, by which the Creator
So the world’s concept of “hell” is REVEALS the TRUTH on this subject, or else
admittedly a product of centuries of MAN’S we must fling up our hands and confess we JUST
THINKING on the great problem of reward and DON’T KNOW -- we are IGNORANT on the
punishment which man associates with human question -- because no one has ever COME
deeds. It did NOT COME AS A REVELATION BACK from such a hell to tell us about it. We
FROM YEHOVAH GOD, but is rather the must believe what the Bible says, or we can
product of MAN’S THINKING -- using believe NOTHING, if we are rational and
HUMAN REASON to decide what ONLY honest!
YEHOVAH GOD CAN REVEAL! IS there even such a thing as “hell fire”?
What does the BIBLE say about it? Didn’t
What About the Millions of Heathen? Yeshua say something about “hell fire”? Yes, he
Now, before we examine to see whether We are about ready for the actual lesson.
man’s idea of hell is TRUE, let us consider But first, read these instructions.
where this concept of hell, if true, leads us!
On this earth there are more than six and Before You Begin
a half billion people! The most populous lands
are China, India, and other parts of Asia, and in Is your Bible in front of you? If not, go
spite of missionaries from the West, actually GET YOUR BIBLE -- or Bibles if you have
MORE THAN HALF of all the people on the more than one translation.
earth have NEVER SO MUCH AS HEARD Also have several sheets of paper, and a
THE ONLY NAME BY WHICH MEN MAY pen, pencil or word processor so that you can
BE SAVED -- the name of YESHUA THE MAKE NOTES to help you in remembering
MESSIAH! For your Bible says, “...there is none what you learn.
other name under heaven given among men, Remember -- you must open your Bible
whereby we must be saved" (Acts 4:12). to EVERY PASSAGE. Never say to yourself,
This means that BILLIONS of people “Oh, I think I know what the scripture is
here on this earth have lived, and DIED, without referring to" -- and then pass over it. You need to
having known anything about Christian KEEP YOUR NOSE IN THE BIBLE, SO to
salvation -- without SAVING KNOWLEDGE -- speak. You must READ and REREAD and
neither having heard the ONLY name by which STUDY EVERY PASSAGE in your Bible.
men may be saved! Now think what that means. Don’t forget, this is a BIBLE STUDY COURSE
If all UNsaved have gone immediately to hell at -- not just a study of these lessons we send you.
death -- the hell commonly believed in -- then This lesson is intended to DIRECT YOU to the
more THAN HALF the people who have ever Bible -- to help you LEARN the TRUTH of
lived on this earth have been consigned there YEHOVAH’s Word.
without ever having been given so much as a Now with your Bible, a good dictionary,
CHANCE to escape it! They are ETERNALLY and concordance, if you have one, and your

What is “Hell”?
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