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Lesson 22 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 3

YEHOVAH’s Law and Our Neighbor

LESSON 22 of keeping YEHOVAH’s law and of its national
administration -- voice the question as to WHAT
When people come to the realization of individuals can do about it!
the national need of keeping YEHOVAH’s The relationship of man to YEHOVAH
commandments, statutes and judgments for the God is set forth in the first half of the Ten
first time, they often ask the question -- “What Commandments. There can be no orderly
can we do about it?” It is, of course, impossible society where these requirements are ignored.
for any individual to put into operation the Unless men PLACE YEHOVAH GOD FIRST,
statutes of NATIONAL administration; but we and recognize their proper relationship to Him,
can, insofar as national VIOLATION of such men are INCAPABLE of keeping a proper
laws are concerned, point out the righteousness relationship with their neighbor.
of the law and complain about its violation. In so Immediately following the requirements
doing we can call attention to the penalties being governing man’s relationship to Yehovah God,
exacted from us as a nation today for such the LORD sets forth the relationship of men --
violation. one to the other.
Essentially it is a work of WITNESS- Domestic tranquillity is IMPOSSIBLE
ING: a voice in the wilderness, so to speak, in any community that ignores these laws.
calling ATTENTION to the ways of Therefore, while the GREATEST of all
righteousness, pointing out the NEED of a commandments is to love YEHOVAH God with
NATIONAL RESTORATION of the admin- all your heart, the second is like unto it: “You
istration of all of YEHOVAH’s laws in order to shall love your neighbor as yourself.”
secure the BLESSINGS of peace and prosperity.
Individually we do not have to wait until The Sixth Commandment
the nation makes that restoration before
COMPLYING with the law and coming under 1. No man can violate the last five
its BENEFITS. Many of the requirements of commandments (beginning with the sixth) and
YEHOVAH’s law can now be kept by love his neighbor as himself. What does the sixth
individuals -- such as the rules for health as well commandment state? Exodus 20:13 and
as the required attitude towards YEHOVAH Deuteronomy 5:17.
God and towards our fellow man. As a result, COMMENT: There will be men who
while it is impossible to have the perfection of will violate this law, for unless authority is
administration and peace promised as the result vested in some organization with POWER to
of the NATION administering the command- enforce its observance, society will suffer from
ments, statutes and judgments as the law of the the result of violence and crime. Because this is
land yet, inasmuch as the law applies to the so, YEHOVAH God authorized the establish-
INDIVIDUAL, we can conform with its ment of governments, delegating to man the
requirements. power to administer His laws and authorizing
It should be self-evident that the keeping the bringing to justice of the individual who
of EVERY requirement of the Ten violates His commandments.
Commandments brings its own specific blessing 2. Read I Samuel 8:19-22, I Samuel
and an inward spiritual peace. This, then, is the 10:1 and I Samuel 10:25.
answer for those who -- having heard of the need COMMENT: Individuals have NO

YEHOVAH’s Law and Our Neighbor
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