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Lesson 19 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 9

MEN. Notes:
We have seen how the apostle Paul, prior
to his conversion by Yeshua the Messiah, and
acting under the AUTHORITY and commission
of the chief priests, was used as a TOOL of the
tyrannical Judean central government against
those who believed on the Messiah (Acts 22:19).
Since that time, ungodly central government
continues to persecute them.
7. What does Acts 8:3 say that Saul
(Paul) made of the church -- “entering into every
house, and haling men and women committed
them to prison”?
8. According to Acts 8:1, what happened
to the church in Jerusalem following the death of
COMMENT: In the above verses the
King James Bible, like most other translations
and versions, MISTRANSLATES the Greek
word ekklesia (#1577 in Strong’s Concordance)
into the word “church.” This ERROR has caused
great CONFUSION within the “Christian”
world. In Lesson 21, we will examine this
MISUSE of the word “church” and discover the
TRUE meaning of the ecclesia.

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Answers to Questions in Lesson 18

1. False 2. Satan is banished 3. Tenth
4. No 5. Yeshua the Messiah 6. Yes
7. Messiah’s 8. The Jubilee 9. his
return to the earth. 10. The grave 11.
Death 12. Yes 13. reconciled to
YEHOVAH God. 14. Day of Atonement
15. Joseph of Arimathea

Judean Central Government
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