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Lesson 19 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 5

it convened at the high meaning “a joint session, i.e. (specially) the
priest’s palace. Judean Sanhedrin.” The composition of the
The Sanhedrin group, which included the high priest, combined
exercised great power with the fact they were meeting at Jerusalem,
over the Judean leaves NO DOUBT it was indeed the Sanhedrin.
people, its authority 5. Read Acts 22:24-23:10. After the
being recognized even chief captain realized Paul was a Roman citizen,
among Judeans resid- he commanded the chief priests and all their
ing beyond Judea. The what to convene so that he could bring Paul
Roman government before them? Verse 30, last part.
allowed the Sanhedrin 6. Verse 2 indicates that Ananias was in
a great measure of in- attendance. What was his function?
dependence, granting 7. What religious groups was the
it civil and adminis- Sanhedrin made up of? Verse 6.
trative authority. It had 8. Read Matthew 26:1-5. According to
officers at its disposal verses 3-4, where did the chief priests, the
and the power of arrest scribes, and the elders of the people gather
and imprisonment. As together to consult with the high priest? What
a judicial body, the was the subject of the consultation?
Sanhedrin constituted 9. According to Mark 14:43, Judas led a
a supreme or high great multitude (with swords and staves) to
court for adjudicating arrest the Messiah. What groups did this
national and other multitude represent?
important matters. 10. John 18:3 identifies this multitude as
Apparently, a HIER- a band of men from the chief priests. What did
ARCHY of inferior courts (district, state, this “band” consist of?
county), under the jurisdiction of the Sanhedrin, 11. What was the name of the group,
were established throughout the cities of consisting of the elders of the people, the chief
Palestine to adjudicate local and less important priests and the scribes, that the Messiah was
matters. brought before to be tried? Luke 22:66.
1. Read Acts 4:1-22. According to verse 12. What did the chief priests hold with
3, what did the priests, and the captain of the the elders, scribes and others before they
Temple, and the Sadducees do to Peter and delivered the Messiah to Pilate? What was the
John? name of the group that comprised of the elders,
2. Where, in the following morning, did scribes and others? Mark 15:1.
the rulers, and elders, and scribes, and Annas the COMMENT: The centralized power
high priest gather together? Verses 5-6. and authority of the Sanhedrin, under the
3. Does verse 7 indicate this group of direction of the high priest, was not only
men questioned Peter and John’s authority for exercised in Jerusalem and Judea, but it also
teaching and healing? What did they say? extended beyond the limits of Palestine.
4. According to verse 15, what did this 13. Read Acts 9:1-2. Saul asked for
body of men command Peter and John to do so letters (written authorization) to the synagogues
that they could confer among themselves? located in what city? Verse 2.
COMMENT: The word “council” in the 14. What was Saul going to do with these
above passage is translated from the Greek word letters? Verse 2.
sunedrion (#4892 in Strong’s Concordance), 15. To whom did Saul go to receive this

Judean Central Government
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