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4 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Lesson 19

Israel in Captivity

The Assyrian and Babylonian captivities
of Israel put an end to Israel’s monarchical
centralized government. Jerusalem and the
Temple (seat of government) had been
destroyed. For all practical purposes, Israel
ceased to be an independent nation. While in
captivity, the Israelites had NO KING of their
own and NO TEMPLE with its structured
priesthood and worship.

Judean Centralized Government

Under the leadership of Zerubbabel,
Ezra and Nehemiah a REMNANT of Israelites
returned to Judea to REBUILD the Temple and
walls of Jerusalem. Once completed, the Temple
again became the national seat of government.
Rather than a king as the central reigning
individual, the high priest served as president of
a legislative/judicial body (like Congress in the
U.S.) known in New Testament times as the
“Sanhedrin” or “Supreme Council.” Syna- A Pharisee Showing Self-Promoting “Religious”
gogues (churches) were established for purposes Zeal
of tax promotion, propaganda, brainwashing and
public relations. John were teaching the people, the priests of the
Temple, and who else, laid hands on them and

The Temple put them in hold [prison].
4. John 8:20 states that the Messiah
The Temple (Capitol building) at spoke in what part of the Temple when he
Jerusalem served not only as the national place taught?
of worship and sacrifice but also as the
Temple grounds consisted of a number of
buildings, including the palace of the high priest The Sanhedrin (or Supreme Council)
(White House). It housed the priests and Temple served as the Judean high court as well as the
officers as well as being the meeting place of the national legislature. The number of members is
Sanhedrin. The national treasury was also kept at usually given as 71. Its president was generally
the Temple. accorded to the high priest. Its members are
1. In Matthew 24:1 the Messiah’s thought to have consisted of a HIERARCHY of
disciples came to him and showed him what of high priests, scribes and lawyers, and elders
the Temple? (wealthy and elite). These men were members of
2. In Luke 22:52 Yeshua spoke to the the sects of the Pharisees and the Sadducees. The
chief priests of the Temple and who else? Sanhedrin generally met in a hall (Congress/
3. According to Acts 4:1-3, as Peter and Senate) on the Temple grounds, but occasionally

Judean Central Government
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