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Lesson 19 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 3

Judean Central Government

king will not be content with taking the young
Israel’s Desire for Central Government men but also will take what?
5. Not content with the above, Samuel
Following her conquest of Canaan under tells the people that the king will then take what?
the leadership of Joshua, Israel lived in freedom Verse 14.
for many years with YEHOVAH God as her 6. To add insult to injury Samuel tells the
only King. Then came a crucial moment in people that the king will exact what of their seed
Israel’s history. and give it to his officers? Verse 15.
1. Read I Samuel 8:1-7. According to COMMENT: This “tenth” is what is
verse 4, who gathered together and came to known as a TITHE.
Samuel? 7. In verse 16 he tells them that the king
2. In verse 5, what did they ask Samuel will take what “and put them to his” what?
to do? To judge them like all the other what? 8. Finally, Samuel tells the people that
3. How did Samuel react to their request? the king will take a tenth of the sheep and that the
Verse 6. people shall become what?
4. In verse 7, YEHOVAH God said the COMMENT: The above descriptions of
people had done what to Him? They also said PLUNDER and TYRANNY that a human king
they did not want Him to do what? would bring upon Israel are STANDARD
CHARACTERISTICS of human centralized
YEHOVAH’s Warning Against Central government. History has proven that centralized
Government governments DESTROY people’s freedom and
STEAL their substance. Compare Samuel’s
After the elders of Israel asked for warnings to what has happened in America and
centralized government like the other nations, other Israelitish countries.
YEHOVAH God WARNED them of the 9. Despite Samuel’s warnings, verse 19
consequences they would suffer under such a indicates that the people refused to do what?
system. 10. Verse 20 explains the people’s
1. Read I Samuel 8:9. What did reasoning. What is it?
YEHOVAH tell Samuel to do? COMMENT: Israel rejected YEHO-
2. Read I Samuel 8:10-17. In verse 11 VAH God’s leadership. They did NOT want the
Samuel told the people that the king who ruled responsibility that goes with freedom. They did
over them would do what? NOT want to be responsible for fighting their
COMMENT: Isn’t this the ancient own battles and for governing themselves. Yet,
equivalent of the military draft? they did NOT want YEHOVAH God to reign
3. What did Samuel tell the people in over them. Instead, they wanted to be like the
verse 12? other nations -- THEY WANTED CENTRAL
the private armies that kings down through the
centuries have maintained at the expense of the
Hope of Israel Ministries -- Preparing the
common people.
Way for the Return of YEHOVAH God
4. Then, in verse 13, Samuel says the
and His Messiah!

Judean Central Government
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