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Question 1: What is the term “tenth” also known as?______________________________

Question 2: What put an end to Israel’s monarchical centralized government?

Question 3: Who led a remnant of Israelites back to Jerusalem to rebuild the Temple and

Question 4: The apostle Paul (before his conversion) was used as a______________of the
tyrannical Judean central government.

Question 5: What threat of the synagogue leaders was considered a sign of humiliation
and disgrace?_____________________________________________________

Question 6: Where, in the synagogue, were the “chief seats”?_______________________

Question 7: Who, in the synagogue, examined the discourses of the public speakers before
they delivered them?_______________________________________________

Question 8: The local synagogues were merely___________________of the Sanhedrin at

Question 9: Can the Greek word from which “synagogue” is translated refer to any group
of people who meet at any place for any purpose?_________________________

Question 10: Did the power of the Sanhedrin and high priest extend beyond the limits of

Question 11: The apostle Paul was a citizen of what state?__________________________

Question 12: Is it true that the Roman government did not allow the Sanhedrin a great
measure of independence?_________

Question 13: To where can the history of the synagogue be traced back to?

Question 14: Where did the Sanhedrin usually meet?______________________________


The answers will be found in the next lesson. Approximately 3 weeks after receiving Lessons
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Correspondence Course you will receive a Certificate of Completion. If you complete the
course with a grade of 75% or better you will also receive an Outstanding Student Award.

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