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Lesson 18 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 9

The Messiah was certainly CUT OFF However, the TOTALITY of this has not yet
and SEPARATED from not only the land of the occurred.
living, but ALSO from his Father YEHOVAH 1. Notice what Romans 3:25 says,
God. speaking of the Messiah.
3. Notice Mark 15:34. What did the COMMENT: The Messiah’s shed
Messiah cry out? Last part. blood atoned for our past sins. Those past sins
COMMENT: When Yeshua cried out it were carried away. By and through his
was because at that moment he was SEP- RESURRECTION we can receive atonement
ARATED from YEHOVAH God -- having for those sins we continue to commit and can
taken upon himself the sins of the world. Sin have those carried away as well. BUT -- there is
ALWAYS causes a separation from YEHO- still sin!
VAH, as Isaiah the prophet wrote in Isaiah 59:2. 2. How long will sin continue? I
The indications become even stronger Corinthians 15:26.
that the wilderness is SYMBOLIC OF THE COMMENT: There will continue to be
GRAVE when we link it with baptism. sin until the last enemy -- DEATH -- is
4. Read Romans, chapter 6. Does this destroyed! It is at the Messiah’s second
speak of us being BURIED with the Messiah by appearance that he will begin that FINAL PART
baptism, that we have been “planted together in of his ministry, to RESTORE all things and to
the likeness of his death?” Verse 5. What does finally carry away ALL sin.
verse 6 say? 3. A passage that helps us to understand
COMMENT: The Messiah “bore” our this is found in Luke 4:18-19.
sins in HIS BODY. It was HIS BODY that was COMMENT: The “acceptable year”
taken by the “fit man,” Joseph of Arimathea, will be the ULTIMATE fulfillment of the
unto a “land not inhabited” -- the GRAVE. Our JUBILEE YEAR.
sins and the sins of the world were CARRIED 4. Read Leviticus 25, entire chapter.
AWAY, borne away, by Yeshua the Messiah in COMMENT: According to Leviticus
HIS BODY! 25:9 the Jubilee Year began on the Day of
Atonement. The Jubilee Year was a time of
The Two “Comings” FORGIVENESS of all debts and a TOTAL
restoration. As we have learned, the Feast of
This brings us to another picture from Trumpets pictures the return of the Messiah, and
Leviticus 16. We have seen that there were the trumpet that was sounded on the Day of
TWO goats, each depicting a part of the Atonement to begin the Jubilee Year is truly
Messiah’s sacrifice -- ONE for the shedding of SYMBOLIC of the “last trumpet” at which time
blood for the atonement, the covering of our the Messiah sets foot on this earth. That will be
sins, and the OTHER carrying our sins away. the “acceptable year of the Lord.”
With this in mind it can be demonstrated that the 5. Does Isaiah call the Day of Atonement
TWO goats are ALSO symbolic of the TWO “an acceptable day of the LORD”? Isaiah 58:5.
COMINGS (or appearances) of Yeshua the COMMENT: The Fast (the Day of
Messiah. The FIRST goat, which was killed, Atonement) and liberation go hand in hand. In
pictures the Messiah’s FIRST appearance and Isaiah we read: “Is not this the fast that I have
his ultimate sacrifice. The SECOND goat, the chosen? To loose the bands of wickedness, to
Azazel, would picture his SECOND appearance undo the heavy burdens, and to let the oppressed
or coming. As we have demonstrated from the go free, and that ye break every yoke?” (Isaiah
Bible, we do see the picture of our sins being 58:6). That was just what was to be done on the
carried away by the body of the Messiah. Day of Atonement when it was a year of release

Day of Atonement -- AT-ONE-MENT with YEHOVAH God!
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