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4 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Lesson 18

uniting. This day symbolizes YEHOVAH God cerning the Day of Atonement.
and man being set at one literally, if you please, 1. Was entrance to the Tabernacle which
the Day of AT-ONE-MENT. YEHOVAH God Israel built as a type of YEHOVAH’s house,
and the human race can never be fully at one -- in permitted to no one but the high priest when he
full agreement -- until Satan is banished. went into the holy place on the Day of
6. Will YEHOVAH God allow anyone to Atonement? Leviticus 16:17. What was the
remain among His people who refuses to keep significance of this very holy place? Verse 2.
the Day of Atonement? Leviticus 23:29, 30. Was it clearly the earthly representation
Was this day to be done away at the Messiah’s of the very throne room of YEHOVAH God?
death? Verse 31. Does this command apply only Exodus 25:17-20. Compare with Jeremiah
to racial Judeans and Israelites? Leviticus 17:12, noting the word “sanctuary.” Also see
16:29. Notice that it is a statute for the stranger Hebrews 4:16.
also -- any person of any race who comes among COMMENT: The “mercy seat” in the
YEHOVAH’s people. holy place was the earthly TYPE of the very
COMMENT: If we are YEHOVAH’s, throne of YEHOVAH God in heaven!
then we all are spiritual Israelites. And that 2. Was the high priest permitted to enter
means we MUST keep this Day of Atonement this typical throne room of YEHOVAH God as
today (Galatians 3:29; John 4:22; Romans often as he liked? Leviticus 16:2. Was this
2:28, 29; 11:17, 18). because YEHOVAH’s very presence was there
7. At what time of day do we begin -- He whose face no man can look on and live?
fasting for the Day of Atonement? Leviticus Exodus 33:20. Could YEHOVAH allow His
23:32. very throne to be profaned?
COMMENT: Notice that the last meal 3. WHEN was the high priest permitted
we should eat is in the ninth day of the month. to enter the room behind the veil? Notice the last
But if we were to purposely eat a HEAVY meal verse of Leviticus 16, and also verses 29 and
immediately before sunset on the ninth of the 30. See, too, Exodus 30:10.
month, we could defeat the SPIRITUAL 4. Before entering the “Holy of Holies”
INTENT of the command to “afflict” our souls or “most holy place," what types did the Aaronic
from “even unto even” -- because our “souls” high priest first act out at the door of the
would be full of food and busily digesting it as Tabernacle? Leviticus 16:5 and 7. Why did he
the Day of Atonement began. present the two goats before the Lord? Was one
In YEHOVAH’s true calendar, every of the goats to represent the LORD? Was the
day begins at the previous day’s sunset (Genesis other goat to be let go into the wilderness? Verse
1:5, 8, 13, 19). 10. Whom did the goat let go represent? Verse 8.
COMMENT: The English word “scape-
How Ancient Israel Observed the Day of goat” is NOT A CORRECT TRANSLATION of
Atonement the Hebrew word YEHOVAH God inspired. If
you have a Bible with marginal renderings,
Especially, it seems, has the world notice that it gives “Azazel” in the margin, for
forgotten the symbolism of the Day of “scapegoat.”
Atonement. And no wonder! For this day above Who or what is Azazel?
all others is like a thorn in the flesh to that great Aaron was to “take of the congregation
Deceiver. of the children of Israel TWO kids of the goats
Let us examine the 16th chapter of for a sin offering” this we saw in Leviticus 16:5.
Leviticus which details YEHOVAH God’s In verse 8 the instruction is for him to cast lots
instructions to the Levitical priesthood con- upon the goats. One lot says it was for

Day of Atonement -- AT-ONE-MENT with YEHOVAH God!
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