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Lesson 18 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 3

Day of Atonement -- AT-ONE-MENT with YEHOVAH God!

LESSON 18 Remember, “soul” means physical life in
a physical body that depends on constant
A Commanded Assembly refueling for its maintenance. Here, “soul” is
equivalent to “stomach.”
1. Does Leviticus 23 -- the only chapter 4. Does this day differ from all of the
in all the Bible where all of YEHOVAH’s other Holy Days in that ABSOLUTELY NO
Festivals are mentioned in one place proclaim a WORK is to be done on it? Numbers 29:7;
Day of Atonement? Verse 27. Is this a day to be Leviticus 23:30 and 16:29. The other Holy Days
kept holy once each year? Same verse. At what permit “no servile work,” that is, no ordinary
time of the year?
2. Are all who are
YEHOVAH’s people COM-
the Day of Atonement? Leviticus
23:27. Does Numbers 29:7 verify
this, and set the exact day on which
we are to meet?
3. Does YEHOVAH God
say that we should afflict our
souls? Leviticus 23:27 and Num-
bers 29:7. What does “afflict”
COMMENT: “Afflict” is
translated from the Hebrew word
anah which means “to beat down,
depress, abase, chasten, humble.”
Mahatma Gandhi, seen here with his spinning wheel, rose to
YEHOVAH God inspired the
political power by fasting for the purpose of creating strife and
same original word in Exodus
division. He fasted to forward his idea of independence -- not to
10:3, saying to Pharaoh, “How
develop humility. YEHOVAH God calls Gandhi’s fasting vain.
long wilt thou refuse to HUMBLE
thyself before me? let my people
work other than what is necessary for preparing
go, that they may serve me."
“that which every man must eat” (Exodus
See also in Deuteronomy 8:2, 3 how
YEHOVAH God led Israel 40 years in the
COMMENT: Though a day of fasting,
wilderness to HUMBLE them, allowing them to
the Day of Atonement is also a day of rejoicing.
HUNGER at times.
It is a spiritual feast of drinking in of
How are we, then, to afflict our souls?
Why, the same way that YEHOVAH God
5. Why is this day to be kept so strictly?
humbled Israel in the wilderness, letting them
Leviticus 23:28. What does “atonement” mean?
get good and hungry! See also Psalm 35:13 and
COMMENT: Webster says to “atone”
Isaiah 58:3.
means to set “at one.” To join in one to form by

Day of Atonement -- AT-ONE-MENT with YEHOVAH God!
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