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Lesson 15 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 9

MIND SET -- a mind set prevalent in Judeo- of the chief rulers were fearful of being “put out
Christianity today! of the synagogue” by whom?
6. In John 16:2 what is it that Yeshua
System-Trained “Teachers of the Law” tells his disciples will happen to them in relation
to the synagogues?
1. In John 7:15 the Judeans who heard COMMENT: In the above verses the
the Messiah’s teaching wondered how he knew phrase “put out of the synagogue” is translated
letters (writings; law) since they claimed he was from the Greek word apesunagogos (#656 in
what? Strong’s Concordance), meaning “excommu-
2. Read Mark 6:1-6. After questioning nicated.” This illustrates the kind of power these
the source of the Messiah’s wisdom, and so-called “learned” men had over the people --
acknowledging his common ancestry, the not unlike OUR SITUATION TODAY!
Judeans became what at him? Verse 3. Churches and religious leaders have ALWAYS
3. Read Luke 20:1-8. According to controlled people through the threat of
verse 2, the chief priests, the scribes and the excommunication, as well as the fear of eternal
elders asked Yeshua who had given him the damnation in hell. Lesson 17 will continue to
what to teach the people? examine the beliefs, traditions, customs and
COMMENT: The Judean culture practices of the Judeans in terms of their
provided for a highly structured and tightly PAGAN characteristics and how they can be
controlled system of higher education, limited related to modern organized religion.
exclusively for training the “teachers of the law”
-- the priests and scribes (who, for the most part,
were Pharisees). They made a systematic study Recommended Reading...
exposition their occupation. Thus, this special Judaism’s Strange Gods, by Michael A.
class of Judeans enjoyed great power over the Hoffman II.
common people. By not being a part of this
group, Yeshua was not considered a “learned” Between the Two Testaments, by Harry
man by many Judeans and was denounced by Eisenberg and Ernest Martin. (Article).
those in power for his lack of “accepted”
authority, as were his disciples. A very similar Is Judaism the Religion of Moses? By E.
set of circumstances exists within the Martin. (Article).
“Christian” world today, with its “experts” of
theology and law who have undergone rigorous
educational training. They, too, exercise ___________________________________
tremendous POWER over the people, and they
use that power to control, deceive and plunder Answers to Questions in Lesson 14:
them. Ironically, it is the people’s recognition
and SUBMISSION to these feigned experts’ 1. The Day of Pentecost 2. The Feast of
authority that gives them this Satan-inspired Firstfruits 3. The holy spirit 4. The
power over them. Wave-Sheaf Offering 5. Firstfruits 6.
4. According to John 9:22, the Judeans 144,000 7. Israel 8. Saudi Arabia 9.
executed power over the blind man’s parents Fifteenth 10. fourth 11. The Israelites
through the threat of putting them out of the worshipped the golden calf 12. No 13.
what? Seven
5. According to John 12:42, even some

Traditions and Practices of the Judeans
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